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Udemy is seeking a Procurement Analyst for our headquarters in San Francisco that will report to the VP of Finance. As a Procurement Analyst you’ll oversee the entire internal procurement process and work closely with the IT, Security, and Legal teams to ensure that all purchases have the necessary approvals. You will not only oversee the process and ensure that all requests are given proper attention, but you will also be the voice of finance in this process. This means you will engage in the necessary market research to effectively negotiate all of our vendor contracts and will be able to guide internal customers as they navigate the territory of the request for proposal (RFP) process. In addition to managing this process and negotiating you will be a source of information for all questions concerning our contracts and tech stack.
About You
You are a generalist at heart who learns quickly and is able to deal with the inherent ambiguity that comes along with fielding requests from all over the organization. You enjoy solving unique problems and obtaining the necessary information to ensure that optimal decisions are made. You are diligent and do not shy away from a tough negotiation. You think methodically and are capable of crafting strategic approaches to these negotiations. Importantly, you are social and willing to interact and work with individuals from any given team. You are comfortable balancing multiple different projects at once regardless of how much they overlap.

Preferred Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution in Finance, Economics, Business or a related field
    • Experience with startups or other high growth organizations
    • Experience in SaaS and a working knowledge of common tech stacks 
    • Experience working closely with corporate legal teams and a strong understanding of contractual language


    • Oversee the procurement process by acting as a liaison between internal requestors and the IT/Security, Finance and Legal teams and managing all requests.
    • Guide internal requestors in the RFP process and ensure that vendors are being chosen optimally
    • Perform periodic software usage audits to prevent overspending
    • Perform market research on vendors in a given space and solicit bids to establish information on the market price
    • Manage vendor client relationships and represent Udemy in good light to its vendors
    • Negotiate payment terms of vendor contracts to ensure that Udemy is protected from a financial standpoint
    • Manage a database of vendors and act as system of record for the current Udemy tech stack
    • Partner with employees from around the organization to ensure that spending goes through procurement and that protocols are being followed

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