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DevOps Engineer






Redwood City, CA, US



- Hands-on experience with managing AWS and cloud infrastructure scaling to hundreds of nodes. Ideally, AWS Certified Dev Ops  
- Experience managing infrastructure cost and cloud spend 
- Hands on experience with implementation and management of complex virtualized environments 
- Extensive knowledge of software build, test and deploy processes using Git, Docker/containers 
- Deep understanding of large-scale data systems and data pipelines including managing NoSQL, SQL and HDFS/Hadoop clusters 
- Has prior experience with security and data privacy compliance standards like SOC 2, GDPR etc. 

Job Responsibilities:

- Operate (Provisioning, Deployment, Manage) Legion AWS Services 
- Implement disaster recovery plans 
- Build tools for deployment, monitoring, metrics, logging and operations. - Troubleshoot and resolve issues in production  
- Implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation. 
- Manages Release deployments (Continuous delivery and deployment)

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