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Driving innovation since 1996.
When PCH International was founded it quickly began making waves in China's manufacturing industry as a back-end partner helping companies mass-produce their products more efficiently. In 2012, those waves reached the shores of California's Pacific Coast -- the company's namesake -- and we set out to make our mark on Silicon Valley.
We are proud to say we're still here -- and growing. PCH is looking to add talented, passionate, and driven members to our exceptional team in San Francisco. Our spacious Potrero Hill office is home to our product design consultancy -- a team of mechanical, electrical and firmware engineers, program managers and operational staff that partner with our clients to guide their product ideas from concept to manufacturing. Our U.S. team works closely with our Shenzhen office to integrate our product designs into a custom manufacturing process that serves the needs of our clients.
Who are we?
Our staff in San Francisco is creative, quirky, and collaborative. We take pride in our work and we have a lot of fun along the way! As an employer, we offer:
- An exceptional team of people that care about our work and each other in equal measure
- A commitment to your personal and professional growth
- A healthy work-life balance in a positive and inclusive work environment
- Competitive compensation and comprehensive life benefits, including generous parental leave options
- Monthly barbecues, regular after-work outings, and engaging in-house activities to foster relationships across disciplines and departments
- Weekly lunches and a well-stocked kitchen to fuel your creative ideas
- An in-house product realization lab to bring those ideas to life
Does this sound like the place for you? Please read through the job description carefully and submit all requested application materials. We have openings for various degrees of expertise, so please apply to the posting that most closely matches your experience level. We are thrilled to be growing our team and can't wait to meet our newest colleagues and collaborators!
The Opportunity
PCH is looking for a personable, communicative, and highly organized mechanical engineers. This individual will have 3 to 5 years of experience designing and developing consumer electronics products with several years experience in product development. Qualified candidates will be capable of designing reliable mechanical solutions to complex engineering challenges and work alongside designers across a broad range of disciplines and experience levels.

As a Mechanical Design Engineer at PCH, you will...

    • Interface with in-house engineers, program managers, client leads and their own internal engineering teams, as well as outside industrial design partners to architect complete design solutions
    • Create and refine individual component designs
    • Create engineering analyses to ensure your work is based on sound engineering principles
    • Experience the full life-cycle of a consumer product
    • Use the tools and machinery in our shop to create multiple prototypes
    • Work with a cross-discipline team to analyse and refine product designs
    • Interface with our clients to bring them up to speed on project progress
    • Gain deep insight into consulting and designing for manufacturability
    • Work on some of the most creative and exciting design problems in the world of consumer goods

As a Mechanical Design professional, you bring...

      • An ability to create and work with complex surfaces in SolidWorks
      • Experience creating master models to drive parametric models
      • Experience with design for cyclical loading, impact loads, high loads, and wear resistance
      • Skills in managing friction in mechanisms
      • Knowledge of thermal analysis and thermal management strategies
      • Familiarity with free body diagrams and strength-of-materials calculations
      • Confidence using FEA (dynamic, thermal, fluids) as an iterative tool
      • Demonstrated knowledge of tolerance analyses to ensure performance and optimize assembly fits
      • Communication skills to effectively present technical information succinctly and drive decision making

Your technical skills include:

    • Motors, gears, drivetrains, and position control strategies
    • Sensor design and integration
    • LCD and capacitive touch panels
    • PCB and FPC design and integration strategies
    • LEDs, light pipes, and illumination effects
    • Cameras and optics integration
    • Seals (hydraulic, pneumatic, dust ingress, water ingress)
    • Pumps and pressure/flow control systems

You have manufacturing experience in:

    • Plastic injection molding to achieve pristine cosmetic surfaces
    • Elastomer processing
    • Die-Casting
    • Metal stampings and deep draw parts
    • CNC machining
    • Soft goods materials processing
    • Finishing techniques (paint, plating, anodizing, texturing)
    • Design for final assembly to optimize for cost and yield
If it can be imagined, it can be made.
At PCH, we push past the accepted standards for customer satisfaction, engineering ingenuity, and what it means to be a collaborative team.
We work with companies that are passionate about design, brand, and the consumer experience. We help guide product creation through all phases of the product journey -- from concept to development, and from manufacturing to pack out and fulfillment. That journey through the hardware world is fast-paced and challenging and we tackle those challenges -- and celebrate our successes -- together.
If you are an imaginative, thoughtful, and open-minded innovator, we'd love to meet you.

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