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Software Engineer, Computer Vision / Graphics






Antwerp, BE


Modsy is a fast-growing SF-based startup that allows you to see inspirational designs and decor within the context of your own home. Sparked by a lifelong passion for the intersection of design and technology, Modsy is being brought to life by a diverse and talented team of engineers, artists, designers and creators. 

You'll be working on challenging problems that lie at the intersection of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. Your responsibilities encompass developing and improving our cutting-edge internal tools for reconstructing accurate 3D models from photographs. You will learn and adopt the latest innovations in the field and contribute to our engineering team's technological excellence.


  • Experience with 3D reconstruction, real-time graphics and linear algebra
  • JavaScript and Typescript
  • WebGL or a framework built on it (e.g. BabylonJS or ThreeJS)
  • Being able to strike a balance between technical rigor and timely results

 Experience that is relevant to us:

  • Experience on these specific topics: multi-view stereo, camera calibration, geometry processing, machine learning.
  • C++, Matlab, Octave or scientific computing in Python
  • Being able to parse research papers and convert them into practical implementations
  • Experience with software design, object-oriented programming and large code bases

 Benefits of working with us:

  • A chance to revolutionize the way people design their homes through cutting-edge technology
  • Competitive salary with extralegal benefits
  • Significant equity in well-funded, high-growth company
  • Generous vacation and holidays
  • An incredible team of fun, bright coworkers
  • Free design packages
  • Discounts up to 40% on merchandise from hundreds of retailers

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