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Manager, Engineering - Multimedia SDK



Blue Jeans Network



Bangalore, IN


Our team manages multimedia client SDK for Mac, Win, Linux, iOS and Android; the team also owns real-time media transport between clients and BlueJeans cloud. These include all functions like AV capture & render, screen capture, network loss recovery and bandwidth management. The SDK is optimized to minimize CPU and memory usage. 

We're looking for an Engineering Manager for the existing team, and together they should continue to excel on their mandate, innovate, deliver and grow.

We expect...

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field
  • 8+ years experience building multimedia applications
  • 3+ years experience managing a team delivering multimedia applications - streaming, transcoding, video-conferencing
  • 5+ years experience on Desktop and/or Mobile development environment
  • Experience in creating multi-platform apps/SDK
  • Experience in SDLC pipeline architecture, design and test/automation design
  • Expertise with Agile development methodology & tools, estimation and planning
  • Stakeholder management experience with Engineering management, Product management and customer support
  • Good communication skills - verbal and through email, specs and design docs

You Get Bonus Points for…

  • Experience with camera capture/screen capture use cases
  • Experience with real-time video: codecs, pre and post processing, transcoding, etc
  • Experience with real-time transport: RTP/RTCP, RTX, FEC
  • Experience with network loss management, bandwidth estimation and tools like Wireshark
  • Experience with scripts: Python, JavaScript

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