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Mountain View, CA, US


BlueJeans Client team is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer to build the features that power the customers video conference experience using JavaScript and React.  


  • Keeping our product awesome by enhancing and contributing to upstream react, react-native, react-native-windows, redux, flow, eslint, codepush, and other open source dependencies.
  • Ensuring we prioritize performance and security in our clients by integrating automated profiling and vulnerability testing+static analysis in our CI pipeline and development methodology.
  • Influence the platforms we rely on by communicating wants and needs to our partners at Microsoft, Mozilla, and others in the areas of WebRTC and web standards, managed runtime (JavaScript, etc), API/tooling requests, and open source efforts.
  • Build reusable core Javascript components for use in other clients at BlueJeans including but not limited to WebRTC and Huddle systems.
  • Maintaining a tight feedback loop for developers and internal users by doing test-driven development at the unit- and acceptance-test level for fast feedback both in local development environments, in our cloud CI providers, and our internal continuous deployment.


  • BS or Masters in Computer Science
  • 5+ years of industry experience
  • Ongoing pattern of notable usage or contribution to several open source projects, preferably JavaScript and/or C#
  • Must have 3+ years industry experience with JavaScript (ES6+), React, RxJS and cross-browser WebRTC programming
  • Prior expertise in enterprise-grade refresh cycle, internationalization and accessibility compliance requirements
  • History of writing ES6 Javascript modules that are shared between multi-client environments
  • Comfortable coming up to speed on, and working in, a Windows-centric development environment

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