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Lead Full Stack Engineer






New York City, NY, US


Working alongside our Head of Engineering, the Lead Full Stack Engineer will start, grow, then lead a new team of Full Stack Engineers. You will grow as a tech leader within the company as you collaborate and work closely with our Director of Product on mostly React and Node.js based greenfield projects, some with React Native apps based on needs. You'll have a lot of autonomy and influence on the technical direction.


What You'll Do


  • Collaborate closely with our product team and designers to help define what we will build, ensure it offers a top-notch experience, and is technically sound
  • Identify the traits and skillsets of the team you'll hire below you, then mentor and lead that team, helping to ensure they have clear direction for their career growth
  • Help identify and scope out future projects, then manage those projects from the technical side, contributing to the codebase as needed in an IC capacity until you have grown out a team
  • Ensure you and your team ship clean code and follow good development practices
  • Help work with our research team to identify and possibly prototype emerging tech which we can use to deliver the smart office of the future


Current Tech Stack


Node.js, React, React Native (both iOS and Android), Fabric, Postgres, Contentful, MongoDB, Snowflake, Looker, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, and everything we host ourselves is running on AWS


Who You Are


You're an experienced Full Stack Engineer who has managed a team. You love staying up to date on the state of the art in the full stack world and have worked with assets deployed on AWS. You're well versed in full stack tech including Node.js, React, Redux or Apollo, Mongo, Postgres, and you can teach yourself anything you don't already know in order to do your job.


It'd be phenomenal if you also have the following:


  • Open to starting as an IC until you can grow a team below you to lead
  • A real passion for helping people grow in their careers and ensuring they enjoy coming to work every single day
  • Experience in a fast-paced, high growth environment
  • Worked with CI/CD pipelines to reduce time between committing code and deployment


About Knotel


Knotel is transforming the office market with its Agile HQ™ Platform. Making long-term leases a thing of the past, Knotel designs, builds, and operates custom spaces for established and growing brands, so they can be free to grow their businesses at will and build what’s never been built.


Named a Business Insider Top 50 Startup and New York's Hottest New Workspace Model, Knotel has over 60 locations across more than 1 million square feet in New York, San Francisco, London, and Berlin. Founded in 2016, Knotel has raised $100 million in funding. Knotel’s member network includes companies like Starbucks, Cheddar, and King.  Visit


Our Core Values


Fly your Flag - Don’t check your identity at the door. Bring it inside - we are better for it.


Don’t Look Away- Care for the details no one told you about. Make every space a home and give the gift of belonging.


Outcomes, Not Processes- Time is precious. Save it. Start with the goal and back out the journey


Get Uncomfortable- Innovation starts at the edge of the unknown. Embrace the adventure and sign up for the hairy challenges.


“Where is it Engraved…”- Question orthodoxy.


Share in the Victory Dance- No one summits alone. Leverage the best in others and offer the most in yourself.


Diversity & Inclusion at Knotel 


At Knotel, we know that a diverse workforce fuels our individual and collective success. We are committed to building an inclusive, collaborative culture where people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds can do their best work. This is all fueled by our employees, who drive the efforts and initiatives outlined here.


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