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Boston, MA, US


About Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst was named as one of the 30 Best Workplaces in Technology by Fortune Magazine and the 11th best place to work by Glassdoor.  Health Catalyst earned the highest overall score in Healthcare BI by KLAS and was named to the World’s Best 100 cloud companies by Forbes.  Health Catalyst analyzes healthcare records of almost a third of the US population (65 million patients) and recently released the first open source software for healthcare machine learning:

Health Catalyst’s platform and applications are being used at leading health systems including Kaiser Permanente, Partners HealthCare, Stanford Hospital & Clinics and over 40 others. Health Catalyst products and services are utilized in over 400 hospitals and 4000 clinics.

In line with its mission to achieve massive, sustained healthcare outcome improvements, Health Catalyst recently launched a new Life Science Business Unit based in Cambridge, MA, that will develop solutions to support the rapidly changing world of research, development and commercialization in the life sciences industry including, but not limited to drug development, medical devices, digital therapeutics, and risk-based contracting. Health Catalyst aims to stand out in this rapidly expanding market by focusing on solutions for the life sciences industry that ensure improved health outcomes both at provider and patient level. The new Business Unit will support the life science industry and regulators to improve probability of R&D pipeline success, optimize clinical trial design and enrollment, and perform post-launch RWD retrospective studies. Health Catalyst aims to become a leading provider of real-world insights that will allow the industry to ground their decisions in real-time, ethical access to massive, high quality data across all therapeutic indications to tackle unmet medical needs and further improve outcomes for patients. Crucially, by leveraging the deep relationship built over time with 400+ hospitals reaching out to 100M+ patients Health Catalyst can go beyond data aggregation and data crunching, developing engaging provider and patient-facing solutions with the Life Sciences industry, to obtain deeper, richer insights.

Our team lives the cultural attributes of Smart, Hardworking, and Humble.  Learn more about working at Health Catalyst here:


Job Summary

The VP of Product, Life Sciences Business will be responsible for guiding the product strategy, design and development of this new Business Unit. The candidate will work closely with existing product teams within the Technology department at Health Catalyst to build a product strategy that drives the success of the Business Unit, developing new products and leveraging existing internal products and expertise as needed. She/he will have deep knowledge and expertise of products across the Life Sciences industry spectrum that drive the utilization of novel data sources and analytical models towards actionable insights and Real-World Evidence driven decision support/actions benefiting patients. The candidate should have great long-term vision and be familiar with a broad spectrum of products across the entire Life Sciences pipeline from early R&D to medical affairs and value-based contract support. She/he will also be involved in evaluating product strategy fit of offerings from partners and M&A related activity. The candidate will work closely with the head of the business unit, as well as the VP of Life Science Revenues and the Analytics team to ensure that services, product and commercial strategy are tightly aligned.


The VP, Product will be responsible for engaging, retaining and delighting our Life Science clients and users through outstanding user experience and client relationship. Reporting to the head of the business unit, the candidate will own all facets of product strategy and management including setting strategic priorities, defining the quantitative and qualitative measures of success, and overseeing all aspects of product requirements and design across multiple platforms. Crucially they will be responsible for a smooth integrated product vision that will merge seamlessly into the existing well established and mature product platform of Health Catalyst. The candidate will be the person accountable for translating our vision into a concrete product roadmap and detailed execution plans as well as ensuring that all product milestones and KPIs are delivered with excellence.



The candidate should have:

  • Great long-term vision. Health Catalyst is committed to support deep transformation of the healthcare and life science industry to save patient lives and improve outcomes. The goal is not to create “me too” products, but show what is possible at Health Catalyst by leveraging our deeply engaged and broad provider client base, the diversity of data sources at our disposal, and our unique commitment and expertise in driving health outcome improvement.
  • Extensive experience in product strategy and product management, ideally across all life sciences related stages of the pipeline from R&D and epidemiology through clinical trials to commercial launch and patient support services, with a track record of rapidly/adapting and learning across new and fast changing domains.
  • The ability to have a focus on high level long-term product strategy while also maintaining a “roll up your sleeves” approach where needed for specific agile product development initiatives and an overall attitude of being smart, humble and a pragmatic innovator, in line with company principles. Be an eminent team player, entirely focused on overall long-term company success and not that of individual teams, products, initiatives.
  • A fundamental and deep commitment to the overall long-term success of the business unit, working with the VP of Life Science Revenues to balance product initiatives vs. recurring services vs. partnerships/M&A activities to drive rapid success across the board.
  • A deep understanding of academic medical centers and life sciences industry unmet needs and working knowledge of academic organizations and companies that have successful products on the market.
  • Proven experience working with multi-disciplinary teams building successful products with engaged satisfied users, and ability to communicate product vision and individual products at different levels of stake-holders effectively.

The role requires:

  • Working closely with the existing Technology department and product leads as well as the SVP of the life science BU and VP of Life Science Revenues to understand Health Catalyst’s current product and service capabilities to inform the candidate’s creation of the best strategy for launching products into the life science market
  • Developing a framework and working model to continually assess de-novo product development opportunities, as well as areas to leverage historic product development efforts
  • Creating rapidly and evolving in an agile manner a comprehensive product roadmap:
    • Demonstrate clear understanding of stakeholders' needs, market, business model and economics
    • Have deep knowledge of key industry trends, including but not limited to: technology, competitors, client behaviors and expectations
    • Synthesize all intelligence into clear theses and define user/product tests for ongoing validation
    • Align roadmap to broader Health Catalyst Technology product line and roadmap and build joint strategy as required
    • Outline the product requirements and user experience for product to be built
    • Ensure the UX/UI and resources fully support the product definition and strategy
    • Gain approval for product strategy that is fully aligned with VP of Life Science Revenues and head of business unit
  • As roadmap turns into product development, define in detail the products that the engineering teams will build and designers will layout, test and refine product based on qualitative and quantitative feedback, ensure all product milestones are delivered on-time and on-budget, recruit and manage talent and liaise with talent in other teams as needed
  • Collaborating with the SVP to build a strategy for 2019 including key priorities/initiatives
  • Building out a team sustainably as P&L expands to execute on the product roadmap, identifying and attracting talent that is able to deliver on Health Catalyst’s unique vision and approach in this space
  • Working closely with VP of Life Science Revenues to plan and develop product pricing strategy, creating specific ARR goals across the different products, as well associated projections of services related ARR in support of products
  • Creating key product value propositions for all relevant stakeholders, both in the life science industry as well as providers and health systems
  • Ability to present to senior stake-holders both at Health Catalyst, partner organizations and clients as needed


The role has great potential for a successful candidate to demonstrate breadth and skill through the execution of the entire product strategy for a new Business Unit which is foreseen to have significant impact on patient lives and health outcomes. The role will be based in Cambridge, MA with regular travel to Salt Lake City, UT where Health Catalyst is headquartered as well as client sites domestically and internationally.


Duties & Responsibilities                   

  1. Identify and characterize in-depth relevant product opportunities across the life sciences (pharma, biotech, medical device companies, regulators). Leverage customer research (quantity and quality) to provide strategic guidance for product strategy and positioning.
  2. Develop and execute on product roadmap, including identification of the key 2019 product initiatives via a mix of new products, leveraging existing products and partnerships/M&A activities.
  3. Build internal capabilities to execute on the strategy, i.e. leverage existing teams and build internal teams as needed.
  4. Create a standardized outreach to both stakeholders and clients, developing and analyzing, and synthesizing both end-user and client feedback on a periodic basis, cultivating a solid set of reference users and early adopters.
  5. Identify the top risks/areas for potential weakness or failure and devise a plan for mitigation.
  6. Build in depth knowledge of competitor products and adapt the product strategy in an agile manner in this fast-changing field. Participate in contract negotiations especially in first 1-2 years of role to understand how product is impacting overall P&L of business unit.
  7. Attract and retain talent for all roles that will become necessary as P&L expands, such as designers, engineers, product leads, etc.
  8. Grow, train, and manage talent, including developing metrics for analyzing team performance in strong alignment with Health Catalyst’s unique commitment and continuous awards in being “the best place to work at”. Develop and implement robust product management processes tracking engineering deliverables for the product development team (by sprint, quarter, fiscal year) to maximize the effectiveness of the software development cycle, identifying and removing roadblocks for all product-related obstacles, and providing status reporting to ensure full execution of product deliverables.
  9. Ensure that product strategy is fully aligned with Health Catalyst commitment to improve healthcare outcomes, save and improve patients’ lives, balancing the commercial potential of product concepts and implementations with these crucial company-wide values.
  10. Work with the head of unit and VP of Life Science revenues, contributing to strategic and business planning, and be responsible to contribute to the definition of reasonable and thorough projections for annual budgets and multi-year projections. 
  11. Drive a “lean startup” style environment of constant experimentation and learning.


Required Skills

  • Demonstrated success recruiting and managing talented product managers and designers
  • Adept at working in an agile environment with talented engineering teams
  • Expertise guiding provider/life science user-facing products across various life science and healthcare verticals
  • Deep customer knowledge and empathy - ability to research and analyze customer feedback and interface directly with customers to acquire the necessary qualitative and quantitative data to inform product strategy and deliverables
  • Collaboration and Communication - can proactively engage others and communicate effectively with customers and colleagues cross-functionally across company functions and departments. Skilled in change management.
  • Organization and Planning: Plans, organizes, schedules and budgets effectively to ensure all milestones are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Business judgment: Understands and helps develop life sciences business model, appropriately filters ideas for feasibility/risk/return, understands how to make trade-offs between speed and quality, and shows ability to drive consensus on high-impact product decisions.
  • Ownership: Generates and communicates clear priorities, drives core activities, effectively gathers and incorporates feedback on advanced work product
  • Practices design thinking: Experienced in human-centered design and comfortable guiding design teams to creative solutions.
  • Technically savvy: Effectively partners with the developers to identify the optimal way to apply technology to solve customer problems.
  • Scientifically savvy: understands enough about healthcare and biology to be able to interface with clients across the spectrum of potential users
  • Ability to focus on both long- and short-term results. Tying in the short-term perspective of sales (leveraging existing products effectively), as well as the long-term programs of revenue overall (new product development and acquisition/integration of products via partnerships and M&As)
  • Must have good understanding and experience in the life sciences and data science domain
  • Proven experience of building and executing product roadmaps showing evidence of intelligent prioritization and trade-offs.
  • Self-Starter, able to execute and implement change, with a strong passion for Health Catalyst’s mission, a motivator with highly energetic personality, critical thinker that can inspire others, with very strong product acumen and perspective on the current landscape in this domain.
  • Must have good standing in the industry, able to establish and maintain excellent relationships and credibility quickly, create team atmosphere with internal staff while achieving key goals
  • A mature person capable to provide a good balance of risk taking and judgment, driving with passion of the potential opportunity, while retaining wisdom in remaining true to an articulated product roadmap.
  • A strong communicator who can articulate the product strategy within the company, as well as articulate the value to providers and to life sciences clients.
  • A person with strong emphasis on data and metrics to drive decision making, who will hold teams accountable by exhibiting fluency in data and tying performance to established metrics that enable sales and marketing success.
  • Ability to mentor/train/educate others.

Work Experience

  • Required: 7+ years of product leadership experience at established organization (provider, or life-science industry facing organizations)
  • Required: proven experience of a diverse range of well executed product roadmaps and strategies
  • Required: proven experience in implementing roadmaps, developing successful products, and adapting them as needed in an agile manner
  • Solid understanding of product landscape in the healthcare/life sciences domain
  • Understanding of Real-World Data / Real-World Evidence product landscape
  • Experience building high performing teams and mentoring staff
  • Proven experience in delivering presentations to internal and external executive audiences


Education & Relevant Experience

  • Relevant (Computer Science, Life Sciences or Healthcare related) BS/BA required; relevant postgraduate degree (MS/MA or PhD) beneficial
  • 10+ years work experience


The above statements describe the general nature and level of work being performed in this job function.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, and indeed additional responsibilities may be assigned by Health Catalyst.


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