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Toll Collector (2561)








The toll collector reports directly to the toll supervisor and has the responsibility to perform the duties of accurate vehicle classification, toll collection, money handling, public relations and other tasks in such a way that passage by the user through the toll plaza is achieved in an efficient manner.


The toll collector shall be responsible for reporting to the toll plaza office 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the shift and shall report to the cashier to collect the float cash and shall take position at the toll booth as per toll supervisor’s direction.


He shall be responsible to collect the toll fee as per the toll notification for the appropriate category and class of vehicles.  He shall cooperate with the cashier in effecting timely bleeds at appropriate intervals.  The toll collector shall also conduct his duties at the lanes in a courteous manner to all road users.


On completion of the shift he shall report to the cashier and handover the toll collection and the float money as per the laid down process. He shall record and prepare relevant reports on toll collection and carry out the reconciliation at the end of the shift before handing over the cash to the cashier and shall leave the toll plaza only after satisfactory clearance from the cashier. 

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