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Toll Collector (2926)








The Toll collector reports directly to the Toll Supervisor/Shift Supervisor and shall have the responsibility to perform the duties of accurate vehicle classification, toll collection, money handling, public relations and other tasks in such a way that passage by the user through the Toll Plaza is achieved in an efficient manner.



·         Collection of Toll: To ensure that the toll amount of toll collected is equivalent to the number of vehicles transacted according to their class and mode of payment during the duration of the collector’s shift.

·         To record and prepare relevant reports on toll collection.

·         To record in the Shift Report (T1.00) every transaction this gives rise to a discrepancy in the collection.

·         To carry out the cash counting and reconciliation at the End-of-Shift and surrender the day’s collection to the Cashier.

·         Maximize Traffic movement from the Toll window

·         Minimize error in identification of the vehicle category entered during collecting toll charge

·         Minimize absenteeism and increase work efficiency

·         Smooth and clear cash payment process on the toll window

(i)     According to vehicle class

·         The toll collector is required to ensure that the toll collected is as per the vehicle class and its respective toll fare.

·         Payment of toll fare for a vehicle is determined by the following:

·         The number of axles on the vehicle

·         Category of vehicle, that is:-

Class 1: Car, Passenger Van and Jeep

Class 2: Light Commercial Vehicle and Mini-Bus

Class 3: Truck and Bus

Class 4: Heavy construction Machinery (HCM), Earth moving equipment (EME), Multi-axle Vehicle (3 -6 axles)

Class 5: Oversized Vehicles

·         Exceptional Cases

a)      If one vehicle is towing another, the toll fare is the fare of both vehicles according to their classes.

b)      If vehicle/vehicles are being transported on another vehicle (flatbed), then only the class of the transporting vehicle is classified and charged.

(ii)   Toll Exampted Vehicles

·         The Toll Collector is required to correctly determine and identify the types of vehicle exempted from toll payment accurately and carry out the exemption transaction


(iii)    Responsibilities in Cash Payment process

  • The cash payment received is to be authenticated by the toll collector to be legal tender and genuine, and should contain all the security features as per the guidelines provided by the National Bank of India and as revised from time to time. If a suspected forged or damaged note is presented as payment, the note is to be rejected politely and a replacement note is to be requested from the customer with an appropriate apology.

·         The authenticity of each cash payment received is to be determined through the used of the ultra-violet ray money detector provided at the lane.

·         It is the responsibility of each toll collector to ensure the authenticity of each note payment that is received. Any forged or damaged note accepted as payment by the toll collector out of carelessness while on duty will have to be replaced by the toll collector. 

(iv)     Work Instructions for Shift Duty:

Each and every toll collector reporting for duty responsible for:

·         To ensure consistency in work practices and ensure smooth operations from the begining of shift until the end of shift.

·         All personal belongings are to be placed in lockers provided by the Company at the toll building

·         Ensure that the staff uniform provided is clean and neat.

·         Ensure that one is well groomed.  Hair should be above collar length and neatly combed and fingernails are to be kept short and clean.

·         Shoes are to be well polished and should conform with company guidelines.

·         Personal jewellery such as rings, bangles and bracelets are prohibited to be worn at the lanes.

·         Report to the Supervisor to receive briefing (if any) before the start of shift.

·         Collect keys for lane assigned and toll kit.



Education: Graduate in any discipline

Years of Experience: 3+ years of experience in construction, infrastructure development or Toll Management

Working Hours: 24/7 operation + On Call Duty


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