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Principal/ Staff/ Senior Software Engineer (Microservices)



Shape Security



Mountain View, CA, US


Join our bright team of software engineers and security experts to protect the Internet against automated attacks undertaken by advanced botnets. Advance your knowledge about a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies and contribute to ambitious projects on system and web security, web proxies, programming languages and compilers, cloud computing and privacy management.
Shape’s scriptable reverse proxy is the heart of the Shape Enterprise Defense product. Sitting in-line at some of the world’s largest and most valuable companies, the current deployed base processes and protects over a billion transactions per day.  This requires, at a minimum, rock-solid performance as a high performance, high-fidelity reverse proxy. In full effect, it layers on the ability to make real time decisions about each transaction classifying them as malicious or benign via an array of analytic approaches.
We are growing the team responsible for keeping this core of the Shape offering up to the task. We are looking for experienced software engineers with passion for security and network engineering to innovate, design, implement and enhance new and existing defense strategies.

Job Duties Responsibilities

    • Collaborate with a cross-functional team to build ever more innovative protections
    • Design, implement, architect and test new features and enhance the capabilities of the core scriptable reverse proxy
    • Analyze, debug and improve the performance of the core web traffic processor
    • Become an expert of the core in-house technology; communicate, document and educate other engineers

Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities

    • Strong background in algorithms and in-depth technical expertise in Java
    • Familiarity with HTTP and common understanding of HTTP client and server interaction
    • General understanding of TCP/IP and the networking stack

Bonus Knowledge And Skills

    • Familiarity with functional style programming in languages such as Scheme, Haskell, Kotlin, Rust
    • Knowledge of the theory of programming languages and experience in compiler development
    • Experience with HTTP proxies such as NGINX or Apache Traffic Server
    • Experience with web testing frameworks such as Selenium

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