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News Flash: On the surface, it might seem like building a SaaS product for an enterprise company like ACL isn’t sexy. The industry seems irrelevant to your daily life — you wouldn’t touch these products as a consumer — so why work here? It’ll take a bit to explain, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here are a few good reasons…

We're Young at Heart

We’re a 30-year-old company that moves like a startup. It’s the best of both worlds. We have huge customers (>75% of the Fortune 500), impressive revenues, and are not worrying about our next funding round. At the same time, we’re creating new SaaS products with the latest and greatest technologies, inventing new things, and doing so rapidly.

In 2018 ACL was recognized as one of Canada and BC’s Top Employers and, for the third year in a row, one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers based on our incredible growth, excellent benefits, and an amazing culture.

You’ll get to work at a company with 3 simple core values: Customer Intensity, Disruptive Innovation, and Authenticity.

We Bleed Automation and Innovation

There is no room for manual provisioning. There is no gain in waiting for deployments. There is no way to support six regions unless we automate innovatively. ACL emphasizes having a world-class infrastructure built on top of AWS. Infrastructure that uses the latest and greatest possibilities that will help accelerate product development, all the while meeting our high standards of security. Being second-class and not innovating is not an option at ACL.

The Team

We have a product development group of 70+ and counting. We work in small teams comprised of 5 or so software engineers, 2 Software Engineers in Test, a manager, a UX designer, and a product manager. 

You will be part of our platform team, responsible and accountable for building services and solutions that tightly use AWS capabilities to the benefit of the entire ACL platform. You will write code, often in a serverless fashion, QA team members' code, and demo at the end of each dash (a dash is like a sprint); all that differs from you and other software engineers is that the solutions you build are not for a particular product, but for our platform and how services interact together. You are not considered a "DevOps" engineer, rather you are a solid application developer, and you are really interested in how the platform operates.

Fascinating Problems to Solve

While we architect and build enterprise products for Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals (totally cool if you don’t understand what any of those things really mean), the problems we’re solving are very relatable.

  • We’re solving complex data analysis and transformation problems.
  • Like Netflix, we're solving big data problems.
  • Like GitHub, we're solving for a rapid continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Like Google, we're solving security problems without losing agility.

While most of our platform is cloud based, we also have native iOS and Android apps, as well as a Windows desktop client; which means we have a lot of variety and opportunity to explore than most startups could dream of offering. And while we’ve done some great things over the past few years, we are just getting started.

You can read more about our technology stack, and read our blog posts, at


That’s enough about us. Here’s what we’re looking for in you.

You should be…

A Leader

Planning and theories only get us so far. We need someone that will execute, encourage those around them, and work as a team to build great software.

A Disruptive Innovator

You are not afraid to look at things differently and implement better ways to do them. You have an innate desire to move the needle when it comes to the performance of your team and our product platform.

A Communicator

You have professional interactions with fellow team members and customers. You are an influencer and motivator, able to encourage others and defuse a tense situation. You explain the problems we are solving and why they are important. Good communication is what makes that possible.

A Collaborator

You will be working with smart people. This includes other ACL leaders, software engineers, Software Engineers in Test, as well as product managers and UX designers. There will be back and forth sharing of ideas and constant feedback. You are comfortable defending your ideas, but also be willing to move on if a different direction is required. As Jeff Bezos says, “disagree and commit.”


  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • Strong understanding of continuous delivery and how containers (aka. Docker) can be used in continuous delivery
  • Experience developing web applications, ideally using Node.js or Ruby on Rails.
  • Familiarity of a cloud platform, ideally AWS, and how to leverage it to implement solutions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Have creative ideas, a collaborative attitude, and strong work ethics
  • Software engineering chops (architecture, algorithms, languages)
  • Focus on creating simple, elegant solutions to solve problems

Ready to apply?

If this sounds just like you, go for it! And if not, use your application to show us why you are passionate about this opportunity and apply anyways. We just might be able to sort something out.

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