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Architect, Data Center Benchmarks and Infrastructure Applications






Santa Clara, CA, US


Providing efficient scale out data center infrastructure; compute, network and storage is central to our mission. Your role will be to leverage workload specific hardware accelerators to define and architect high performance data center infrastructure applications. Additionally, you will be leading the effort to define and create next generation performance benchmarks.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required
  • MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • 10+ years experience in software infrastructure
  • Strong algorithmic and data structure background
  • Ability to write correct C or C++ code quickly
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Desire to push the state of the art
  • Self-motivated, independent and proactive

Additional Success Factors
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills to collaborate and stay in sync with other team members
  • Experience with design and implementation of large projects
  • Startup experience

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