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News Flash: on the surface, Customer Support for an enterprise company like ACL isn’t sexy. The industry seems irrelevant to your daily life — you wouldn’t touch them as a consumer — so why work here? It’ll take a bit to explain, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here are a few good reasons… 

Young At Heart 

We’re a 30-year-old company that moves like a startup. It’s the best of both worlds. We have huge customers (90% of the Fortune 500), impressive revenues, and are not worrying about our next funding round. At the same time, we’re busting into new markets and disrupting an entire industry, so things are always interesting around here. Interesting in a good way. 

We Are Change

Disrupting an entire industry means driving change internally. Breaking into new markets depends on flawlessly executing our market strategy (yes we have one – it is super tight and data-driven – like our solution) by arming our frontlines with everything they need to win. A shared vision binds teams together, creating a cohesiveness that is unique. We are all contributing to this disruption and are having a blast doing it. 

We Have High Standards 

We all set high standards for ourselves, wanting to be the best we can possibly be.   This extends to wanting to be the best for our customers and for each other.  We all rise up to the challenge to be our best and live up to these standards. We celebrate our successes, and see opportunity in our mistakes.  Quite simply, we want the best. 

The Team 

Our Support team is 10 people with the drive and a passion to ensure every customer walks away from a customer support experience with us walking on sunshine. We never get tired of hearing that our team provides “the best tech support I have ever used” (real quote from a customer!), but we know that to keep hearing it we’ve got to remember our ABCs: Always Be Customer-Focused. And we do it all from our beautiful downtown Vancouver HQ where we sit just steps away from our private patio and custom ACL pool table, natch.

That’s entirely enough about us. Here’s what we’re looking for in our new Customer Support Analyst.

You should be… 

A Tech Whiz

You love technology and getting nitty-gritty with the details but know how to transfer “tech talk” to just plain old talk. Your background in a technical field – be it from your education or previous work experience – has given you a broad knowledge and skills in things like client/server environments, programming and scripting languages, and SQL. But most importantly, it’s given you a passion for learning new technology and a thirst for more.

An Advisor

Nothing gives you a sense of satisfaction like pinpointing exactly how to solve a customer’s complex problem and making their day. And the fact that you get to do that every day for ACL’s customers and channel partners around the world only makes it better. Application issues, installation error, complex scripts – none of it fazes you because even if you don’t know the answer off the top of your head, you are going to figure it out. But you’re not just going to share the solution to today’s problem, you’re going provide suggestions, ideas, and recommendations based on what you’ve learned to the customer so that they can get even more value from working with ACL in the future.

A Collaborator

You know that being on the front lines with our customers each day means you have valuable information to help improve our products and customer experiences in the long term. So you are keen to work with all the teams at ACL to ensure we live our value of Customer Intensity. Whether it’s jumping on a call with Sales to share your expertise, joining forces with Customer Success to over-deliver to a customer, or helping QA squish a bug, you are game. And that goes for inside your team too! You are always open to talking through a problem with your fellow Customer Support Analysts and making sure your shared Knowledge Base is up-to-date with the best information possible.

Early riser? Night owl?

Your life doesn’t fit the regular 9-5? Taking classes? Need to be home for after school or to walk the dog? With global support comes an opportunity for a variety of start times.

Une Personne Qui Parle Français o Habla Español!

You have that certain "je ne sais quoi" that lets you support a truly global customer base. Just kidding - you know exactly what it is - you speak another language! If you are not only a French or Spanish-speaker, but one with the ability to speak avec confiance then you are perfecto para el trabajo!

Are you ready to get in on the #aclspirit?

If this job posting gets you excited, now is the time to apply. Not sure you meet all the requirements? That’s okay - apply anyways and tell us why you should be the next ACLer on our team.

Need a bit more convincing? Check out the #aclspirit on our websiteInstagramTwitter, and Snapchat and see if you get excited about the same things we do.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Waiting. Now.

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