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Vancouver, CA


This role is similar to a Product Manager, however at ACL we call the role Product Designer. If you want to learn about why we differentiate the role and how we build products, read this:

News Flash: on the surface, Product Management for an enterprise company like ACL doesn't seem sexy. The industry seems irrelevant to your daily life — you wouldn’t touch these products as a consumer — so why work here? It’ll take a bit to explain, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here’s a few good reasons…

We're Young At Heart

We’re a 30-year-old company that moves like a startup. It’s the best of both worlds. We have huge customers (90% of the Fortune 500), impressive revenues, and are not worrying about our next funding round. At the same time, we’re creating new SaaS products with the latest and greatest technologies, inventing new things, and doing so rapidly.

We Bleed Design

Design isn’t something tacked on at the last minute at ACL, it is part of the entire process and embraced by everyone. Our CEO gushes about design. Creating “beautiful software” is a core value. The whole company knows design is what sets us apart from the competition. We want to keep pushing, improving, and distancing ourselves from the rest of the pack.

The Team

Our team is six people. We are passionate about solving problems. We collaborate with every department in the company. We strive to make products that our customers will love. We push each other to become better each and every day. We want to add a seventh person to our team that can push us even further.


We have a product development team of 70+ and counting. We work in small “brigades” that are comprised of Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, a Manager, a UX Designer and a Product Designer. These brigades work quickly on releasing new features and products on a continuous basis.

Fascinating Problems to Solve

While we design and build enterprise products for Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals (totally cool if you don’t understand what any of those things really mean), the problems we solve are very relatable. 

  • Like Trello, we solve workflow problems
  • Like Github, we solve code sharing problems
  • Like Basecamp, we solve project management problems
  • Like Squarespace, we solve content layout problems
  • Like Facebook, we solve social engagement problems 

While most of our platform is cloud based, we also have native iOS and Android apps, as well as a Windows desktop client; which means we have more variety and opportunity to explore as a Product Manager than most startups could dream of offering. And while we’ve done some great things over the past few years, we are just getting started.

That’s entirely enough about us. Here’s what we’re looking for in a new team member.  You should be…

A Creator

Using technology, you will deliver a future that otherwise would not have existed. As a member of our team, you will own and execute the road map for your product. You should be comfortable with vague requirements and have a passion for building new things from scratch.

A Leader

Talking and planning is smart, but theories only get us so far. We need someone that will GSD, inspire those around them and lead a team to building great products that our customers will love.

A Communicator

You need to be able to have professional interactions with fellow team members, developers, and customers. You need to be able to explain the problems we are solving and why they are important. Good communication is what makes that possible.

A Collaborator

You will be working with smart people from every department. There will be back and forth sharing of ideas and constant feedback. You need to be comfortable defending your ideas, but also be willing to move on if a different direction is required.


  • Experience in managing Enterprise SaaS products from ideation to launch
  • Experience working with UX designers and developers on designing and delivering software products
  • Great ideas, strong opinions, a collaborative attitude and strong work ethic
  • An evangelist of Lean Software development and Agile methodology
  • A background in Audit, Risk, Compliance, IT or Finance would be a huge bonus and we would be willing to train the right candidate on product management aspects of the role.

Are you ready to apply!

Go for it! Or, not sure if you are quite the right fit? Tell us why this opportunity has you excited in your application and maybe we can work something out. We are passionate people. Show us that you are too. 

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