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Who is Karat?

Karat is the world's leader in conducting first-round technical interviews. Our network of experienced interview engineers have conducted over 20,000 technical interviews on behalf of clients including Indeed, Pinterest, Intuit, and Citrix. We continuously analyze our interview data to get smarter and more predictive with every interview we conduct. As a result, our clients reclaim 60% of engineering hours per hire, accelerate achievement of their hiring goal by 25%, and offer an exceptional experience with 95% of candidates rating their experience as positive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world’s interviewer. We conduct highly predictive interviews for our clients with rigor, humanity and fairness. Karat helps companies hire the engineers they need to create the future and helps ensure that engineers are in jobs that maximize their strengths.

Customer Success

Karat delivers a premium, tech enabled solution that our clients have never purchased before -- they are buying a new way of hiring -- and customer success is a fundamental part of that service. Our solution is both repeatable and deeply consultative, and is based on building trusted, long-term partnerships. As a Solutions Engineer, you'll ensure that our interview is technically aligned with our client's needs throughout the entire partnership.

Core Responsibilities

  • Oversee a client's entire technical partnership with Karat, from the pre-sale process through delivery. Your role is to ensure that Karat interviews provide the maximum possible value to each client by serving as an advocate for that client's interests.

  • Work with our Sales Leaders to provide engineering support to prospects in the late stages of our pipeline.  This will include answering technical questions and showcasing our engineering expertise. The intent will be to create an alignment and vision match with the prospect's engineers that will continue through the launch of the relationship and overall engagement.

  • Every Karat interview starts with a job analysis process; you'll sit down with engineers from teams around the world, understand their job descriptions and learn what the team is looking for. Leveraging your technological expertise and Karat's interview content, you'll help create a predictive interview format that will help that team find the candidates they need.

  • Once the interview process begins, you'll meet periodically with client teams to ensure that the product is working for them, address any technical concerns they have, and make any necessary adjustments over time to maximize the value of the interview. You'll continuously review client data to verify and explain your conclusions. This role requires 10% travel to meet with client teams. 

  • You'll also serve as an advocate for the client within Karat, helping us improve our processes, identifying new areas where our interview can provide value, and helping us understand what our clients need.

About you

  • You believe in our mission and crave the ownership and responsibility we will give you.

  • You have a software engineering background and are comfortable discussing a wide variety of technical topics such as time complexity, algorithms, web development, and system design.

  • You are client-oriented and comfortable explaining your product to any member of the team, from a junior engineer to a CTO.

  • You have a desire to learn and improve your craftsmanship, plus you will always go the extra mile to provide happiness to your customer.

  • Bachelor's degree in CS, or equivalent experience

Bonus Experience

  • Interviewing, teaching, or mentoring experience is a plus to help you relate to our mission and culture!
  • You have a working knowledge of SQL and are comfortable composing queries.
  • You are comfortable presenting at events or conferences.
  • You have a growth mindset and can think about how to scale your function from day one.
  • 3+ years of experience in customer success, solutions engineering, or related fields

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