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ACL exists to help make the world a safer and more ethical place. By enabling Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) professionals using our software to be recognized for the value they bring to their organizations, we aim to be game-changers: to provide organizations with the software tools and knowledge to dive deep into their data, identify anomalies, and manage GRC across the entire organization. ACL has been at the heart of many investigations that have helped save people and save millions… talk about impact!

We’re a 30-year-old company in a re-startup phase. It’s the best of both worlds. We have huge customers and are not worrying about our next funding round. We create new SaaS products with the latest technologies, inventing new things, and doing so rapidly. You’ll get to work at a company with 3 simple core values: Customer Intensity, Disruptive Innovation and Authenticity.

The ACL R&D Team

The R&D team extends beyond the walls of ACL. We stand on the shoulders of giants by using the innovation of technology partners like Amazon, select OEMs, and the Open Source Community. We give back by contributing time, code and support to our engineers and across the community.

To look through the window into R&D, check out our blog or read these articles: Inside ACL R&D Part I — Brigades, and R&D Baymax Team Spirit.

As a DevOps shop, we work quickly to release new stuff on a continuous basis. We own what we build and do not pass it off to others. We continually work to reduce the time required to build and safely deploy software. Security, integrity and performance are not an afterthought. They are built into our development process.

Your Team

We work in small “brigades” comprised of 5 or so Software Engineers, 2 Software Engineer in Test, a Manager (you), a UX Designer, UX Developer and a Product Designer. It’s our version of a scrum team.

You will lead a brigade, with responsibility and accountability for one or more platform modules. A brigade works quickly to release new stuff on a continuous basis, while keeping a close eye on security and code maintainability. Each brigade has a lot of autonomy to alter process and do things differently. Success is an attractive quality and many changes start in a brigade and migrate organically to other brigades.


That’s enough about us. Here’s what we’re looking for in a new R&D Manager.

You should be…

A Leader

Planning and theories only get us so far. We need someone that will get s#!% done, inspire others to take initiative, and lead a brigade to build great software. Building great software is only half of it. A good brigade leader spends even more effort coaching and mentoring people.

A Disruptive Innovator

You are not afraid to look at things differently and implement better ways to do them. You have an innate desire to move the needle when it comes to the performance of your team and our product platform.

A Communicator

You have professional interactions with fellow team members and customers. You are an influencer and motivator, able to inspire others and defuse a tense situation. You explain the problems we are solving and why they are important. Good communication is what makes that possible.

A Collaborator

You will be working with smart people. There will be back and forth sharing of ideas and constant feedback. You need to be comfortable defending your ideas, but also be willing to move on if a different direction is required. As Jeff Bezos says, “disagree and commit.”


  • A Bachelor's degree in a technical discipline, Computer Science preferred (or equivalent experience)
  • Experience leading a web development team in a SaaS company
  • Agile project management using JIRA
  • Execution against project plans and team commitments (aka, you deliver)
  • Continuous delivery/deployment experience & mindset
  • Software engineering skills (architecture, algorithms, languages) at a senior or principal software engineer level
  • Ideally, you've worked with Ruby on Rails creating single page apps with modern libraries such as ReactJS and Redux
  • Focus on creating simple elegant solutions to real customer problems

Ready to apply?

If this sounds just like you, go for it! And if not, use your application to show us why you are passionate about this opportunity and apply anyways. We just might be able to sort something out.

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