Security Engineer at Swiggy
Bangalore, IN

Job Responsibilities:

• Exploit security flaws and vulnerabilities with attack simulations on multiple application platforms like Android, iOS and Web.

• Ability to flow from black box to grey box to white box tests.

• Ability to effectively work with the engineering teams to provide technical risk. assessment of technologies in networks, applications, code reviews in the release management cycle.

• Ability to perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, utilizing tools - commercial and open source.

• Perform, review and analyze security vulnerability data to identify applicability and false-positives.

• Conduct penetration testing in line with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

• Write technical reports that include suggested resolution for identified problem areas and perform operational risk assessment.

Required Skills and Abilities:

• OWASP top 10

• Security Pen Testing methodologies including automated scans and manual methods

• Tools including Burp, Nexpose, NMap, Whois etc. is a plus

• Good Hands-On with Linux Debian Flavors and security hardening of the same

• Understanding of Web Servers and HTTP 1.0/1.1 Protocol

• Troubleshooting web servers like Apache, Nginx and other reverse proxy platforms

• Basic understanding of NodeJS, Python and JAVA

• TCP/IP networking including IP classes, subnets, NAT

• SSL Handshake and Certificates - Understanding

• DNS, and DHCP, Network troubleshooting

• Remote access methods

• Backup and disaster recovery methodologies

• Network analysis tools

• Good Hands-on using Linux Debian Flavors

• Experience with security issues in Cloud Technologies (AWS) is a plus

• Ability to grasp new technology concepts quickly

• Good documentation skills

• Ability to work in a team environment and interact with people

• Knowledge and understanding of basic information security principles

• Should be aware of the latest Major Application Zero-day vulnerabilities

• Should be able to understand security alerts and take necessary actions accordingly

• Bachelor’s degree in information technology related field

• 2+ years of web , mobile application and network security experience

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