Engineering Manager - Innovation at Exabeam
San Mateo, CA, US
Exabeam provides security intelligence and management solutions to help organizations of any size protect their most valuable information. The Exabeam Security Management Platform uniquely combines a data lake for unlimited data collection at a predictable price, machine learning for advanced analytics, and automated incident response into an integrated set of products. The result is the first modern security intelligence solution that delivers where legacy security information and event management (SIEM) vendors have failed.
Position Overview
We are looking for an engineering manager that will lead Exabeam’s growing innovation team, reporting to the VP of Research and Innovation. A software engineering manager with a passion to tackle innovation projects and prototype new ideas as part of the research and innovation group. You will lead the team that is responsible for taking Exabeam forward by working on new ideas and prototypes that are on the bleeding edge of security, directly contributing to the Exabeam products evolution.


    • Collaborate with a team of security domain experts, data scientists, product engineers and product managers to create new products and technologies.
    • Support the product team by designing and building prototypes for emerging products and explore new technology stacks
    • Lead and mentor a team of engineers to always improve
    • Projects may include but are not limited to: building product prototypes, advanced customizations and algorithms, detection techniques and production services.


    • 5+ years of experience in development and implementation roles with an established project portfolio
    • At least 2 years experience in leading a team
    • Four-year university degree required
    • Comfortable working under general guidance with minimal close supervision
    • Full stack experience of both backend and frontend, focused on Python backend and modern frontend stacks to solve comprehensive technical challenges

Project & Process

    • Work with researchers and product management to define and scope prototypes
    • Manage conflicting priorities
    • Fail fast methodology, plan projects in milestones that allow examination of progress and taking progression decisions early on
    • Ownership of quality as well as field testing of prototypes both internally and with design partners
    • Fully experienced with development practices such as Agile, CI/CD and software tools


    • Managed a team of developers either domestically, internationally or both
    • Attract, hire and retain talent
    • Performance assessment, improvement and mentorship
    • Communication with the team and across the company
Exabeam is privately funded by Aspect Ventures, Cisco Investments, Icon Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and well-known security investor Shlomo Kramer. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @exabeam.

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