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Senior Data path Interface Developer




Tel Aviv, IL


As a data path developer, you will take part in the development of a cutting-edge, high-performance, distributed, scalable storage product - the fastest distributed file system!

• Work closely with our back-end file system team to build together new product features.

• Design, implement, unit test and maintain your features to be of production quality performance and stability.

• Write high quality code which is performant, testable, maintainable, and a joy to read - both to you and others.


You will be responsible of developing multiple access protocols for various clients of our file system. Such a task requires writing low-level complex performance effective code, implementing various access protocols to our file system.



  • Experience in C/C++ system level programming, for at least three years
  • Experience in writing high performance, testable and maintainable code



  • Being familiar with underlying hardware architecture (CPU cache, multi-threading, hyper-threading, NUMA etc)
  • Contributions to filesystem/database or similar data storage related projects and working with the open-source community
  • Prior experience in storage, databases or other infrastructure technologies
  • Being familiar with the Linux kernel and understand performance implications of context switches, threads, memory allocations, pagecache, etc.
  • Experience with python or other modern scripting languages.

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