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QA Engineer: Designs, implements and maintains quality assurance protocols and methods for processing materials into partially finished or finished products. Responsible for planning, implementing and managing compliance of manufacturing and production processes with internal and external safety, quality and regulatory standards requirements for worldwide distribution. Designs methods and procedures for inspecting, testing and evaluating the precision and accuracy of production processes, production equipment and finished products. Performs analysis of reports and production data to identify trends and recommend updates or changes to quality standards and procedures when necessary. May assure compliance to in-house and/or external specifications and standards (i.e. GLP, GMP, ISO, Six Sigma). Survey Tip: If primary responsibility is debugging software products through the use of systematic tests to develop, apply and maintain quality standards for company products, match to Software QA Engineer (5181-5186). If primary responsibility is implementation of established protocols and procedures, match to QC Engineer (4551-4556). If primary responsibility is to perform or confirm production and quality control audits, match to QA Auditor (4641-4646). If primary responsibility is to design, develop and implement cost-effective methods of testing and troubleshooting systems and equipment, match to Test Engineer (4721-4726). For the Medical Devices Industry, may specialize in the function specifically as it applies to BLAs (biological licensing agreements).

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