Jaipur, IN
Responsibility :

- Peruse the legal report and approved the file subject to complying all LSR condition

- Once the original document is update in the system then all the original files will be kept in a separate BOX. After that OTD BOX will be kept in the strong room.

- Update Original Title document every day received

- Once or twice in a week handed over all the original documents to RMC.

- Co - ordinate with the RMC to provide the requested legal documents by location persons on urgent base

- As per the request form location have to check with our IT persons to rectify the issues in SOA, Arbitration claim statement, flag changing issues, wrong entry etc.

- Have to provide the reports requested by our RLM and cluster manager for initiating arbitration, for contesting case, hearing data, fresh certified copy, provide the award receipts, acknowledgement, return covers and to provide the notarized copy for requested contract to file before the court.

- Have to provide the data or report required by legal head

- Work on mail received and other works requested through phone or handed over directly to me by RLM, CLUSTER MANAGER, RBH

- Signing the termination, claim statement and hearing list of arbitrations-initiated contracts, have to sign and handover it immediately to them by person

Principal Accountabilities :

Strategic - Arbitration initiation for requested contracts, have to check the documents or sent correctly and foreclosure is attached in Live contracts

- Arbitrators bill received from arbitrators, by checking with corporate MIS and update the status and send the request to Legal head for approval and have to send the certified copy to the pertaining location.

- Once received the Legal notice have to update in register by providing the corporate no. and scan the copy and send it to locations through mail and have to keep continues follow by with them on monthly base till the closure of notice.

- Termination notice sent by the arbitrators will get served or returned in completion of service we will receive the acknowledgment and in non-completion of service we will receive the return covers to corporate it will be handed over to me, I have to separate it by arbitrator wise and will send the same to concern arbitrators by handing over directly or will send it in courier

- Attending the arbitration hearings in contesting case and in some times arbitrators want to mark HLF presence on final hearing before passing awards will mark my presence Updating the arbitration MIS pertaining to hearing data and any other information has to be updated.

- Meticulous preparation of legal briefs and analysis to provide the solicitors & legal firm.

- Accurate, precise & persuasive presentation of facts to Outside Legal Consultants.

Tactical :

Legal MIS :

- In end of every month, have to send reminder to provide the OTD before 10th of every month.

- Once started to receive the OTD will check the updated status of cases and save it

- Again, have to send one reminder to the locations from where I have not received the updated OTD and will make a call officially and ask them to send the OTD within the time.

- Once received the updated OTD, I have to consolidate it to one MIS and I have to send it to Legal head for internal auditing purpose.

Supervisory :

- Send the reminder mail in beginning of every month to all the locations

- Have to update in our OTD in the System.

- Will make a call and get the collection data from the location.

- Consolidate and send the same to Legal head.

- Clearing the advocate bills from received pan India by updating the same in legal MIS and send request to Legal head to approve the same

- Monthly once or twice attend the arbitration hearing and periodical visit of our panel lawyer

- Coordinating with in legal team & with Solicitor's and Legal Firms for all kind of Legal matters and update Management on each matter.

- Opinion on law points, reference to section of relevant acts, Case Laws to the Management.

- Preparing and finalizing application/reply/correspondence to give it to Police Station, Slum Society, SRA, etc.

- Attending Conference with Counsel.

- Attend court where matter will be on Board in all courts like: Supreme Court, High Court, City Civil, Small Causes, SRA, etc

Person Profile Educational :

Qualification :
-LLB-5 years

- Preference will be given to Banking & NBFC industry candidates

Specific Skills - Post qualification hands on experience, preferably working with reputed Legal Firms thorough knowledge of Corporate laws and Banking & NBFC industry related Laws such as Land laws would be an added advantage.

- Expert in legal drafting & litigation.

- Excellent verbal & written communication skills (English).

- Good Team Player

- Critical Skills required: Contract Negotiation, Due diligence. Litigation skills and experience with arbitration and mediation in local and national courts will be a plus.

- Possess a high level of maturity and tact to manage and collaborate with key stakeholder
Other Legal tasks.

Salary: INR 3,00,000 - 6,00,000 P.A.


Functional Area:Legal, Regulatory, Intellectual Property

Role:Legal Manager

Employment Type:Permanent Job, Full Time


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