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Lane Boy 1 (3221)









  • To come to work at the required time in the prescribed uniform
  • To sign the attendance register
  • Read the notice board
  • Keep all personal belongings in the locker and declare personal money to the Cashier.
  • To receive instruction, prior to shift commencement, from the supervisor on duty
  • Read the communication register and take charge of outstanding activities (if any).
  • To relieve the previous Lane Attendant at the designated time
  • Assist and attend to toll collectors who require assistance
  • Ensure that the road user has un-delayed service through the plaza
  • Attend to users where they have problems or who are causing delays
  • Move the median as required
  • To ensure that the lane area is always neat, tidy and clean
  • Ensure that the security remain downstream and away from the booths
  • Ensure that no pedestrians, motorists or others stop or loiter in the lane and plaza area
  • Communicate at all times with the control room and other lanes assistants
  • Communicate over radio with due regard to radio use and etiquette
  • To perform the above tasks accurately, efficiently and in a friendly, polite and helpful manner
  • To record all the Incident/Accident in incident log book.
  • Maintain the complaint book.
  • Follow-up whenever required (Accident/Incident).
  • To carry out public relations duty.
  • Be well presented in attitude.
  • Be courteous and attentive.
  • Assist where required.

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