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Machine Learning - Principal/Staff/Software Engineer



Shape Security



Santa Clara, CA, US


About Shape
We are security and web experts, pioneers, evangelists and elite researchers. We believe in the power of the Internet to be a positive force and our mission is to protect every website and mobile app from cybercriminals.
Shape’s founders fought cybercrime at the Pentagon, Google, and leading security companies. They realized that Alan Turing’s vision of a day when computers could pass for humans had arrived in the form of automated attacks on websites. They responded with a fundamentally new technology approach to web and mobile security that has attracted some of the top computer scientists, researchers, and engineers in the world. Shape now defends the web and mobile applications for the world's leading corporations.
Shape in the News
Shape recognized as the fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley:
Shape made the list for top AI 100
Job Description
Shape Security is the world leader in anti-automation and fraud defense for web and mobile applications. One of the pillars of our company is extensive use of artificial intelligence in both retrospective and reactive bot detections. Shape is hiring a machine learning engineer to work on machine learning designs for our Defense Intelligence team.
The Defense Intelligence team is dedicated to developing machine learning infrastructures and models that can be deployed to defend against attackers actively trying to exploit the biggest sites in the world. At Shape Security you will be watching attackers attack and retool in real time while helping to protect millions of real people against fraud


    • Develop and research on machine learning models / feature extractors to detect fraud traffic.
    • Develop or contribute to parts of the training pipe.


    • Solid foundation on general machine learning.
    • Proficiency in Python.
    • Basic understanding on how web security works.
    • Being able to work in a fast-paced team.
    • 3+ years related working experience on machine learning and web security.


    • Comfortable with Statistics or Mathematics.
    • Familiarity with Kotlin.

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