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ACL Impact

ACL exists to help make the world a safer and more ethical place. By enabling Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) professionals that use our software to be recognized for the value they bring to their organizations, we aim to be game-changers: to provide organizations with the software tools, support, and knowledge to dive deep into their data, identify anomalies, and manage GRC across the entire organization. From helping a national agency track down missing children to helping banks find suspicious patterns in their data and state agencies stamp out fraudulent activities, ACL has been at the heart of many investigations that have helped save people and millions… talk about impact!

The ACL R&D Team

The R&D team extends beyond the walls of ACL and stands on the shoulders of giants. We use the innovation of technology partners like Amazon, select OEMs, and the Open Source Community to ensure we’re meeting our challenges with the most current and effective technologies. We give back by contributing time, code and support to our engineers and across the community. 

To understand more about software testing at ACL, read How I Test Software at ACL Today. To look through the window into R&D, check out our blog or read these articles: Inside ACL R&D Part I — Brigades, and R&D Baymax Team Spirit.

As a DevOps shop, we work quickly to release new stuff on a continuous basis.  We own what we build and do not pass it off to others.  We continually work to reduce the time required to build and safely deploy software.  Security, integrity and performance are not an afterthought. They are built into our development process. If a serious vulnerability is discovered we pause everything else and immediately resolve it.

We have a product development group of 165+ and counting (the company has over 475+ employees and counting). We work in small “brigades” comprised of 5 or so Software Engineers, 2 Software Engineer in Test(s), a Manager, a UX Designer, UX Developer and a Product Designer. It’s our version of a scrum team.

The Challenge Ahead

We are searching for a new Software Engineer In Test (SET) with an obsession for detail and a love for code to build quality into our continuous delivery process. A SET at ACL has direct impact on both our customers and the development team they work with. 

Your core responsibility is to ensure that our customers always see the product at its best by:

  • Working with product designers to understand the customer's perspective of the features we build, and translating requirements to test plans
  • Evaluating risks in the system and planning monitoring and continuous testing to mitigate those risks
  • Coding automated tests and tools that adhere to the same coding rigor as the products we deliver to customers
  • Creating metrics and monitoring in development, staging, and production to ensure our systems are operating at their peak
  • Fostering a quality mindset in the team by working closely with the application developers and championing initiatives that improve development efficiency

What You Will Bring to ACL

  • You have a love for delivering high quality products continuously to production. You know that ensuring quality is a challenge beyond simply creating a test plan or writing automated tests, and is a practice involving the whole team at every step of the process.
  • You are self-driven, always growing your technical, analytical, and collaboration skills to make quality a feature of everything your team builds.

You Share These Values

  • Customer intensity (we are obsessed about building things our customers will love)
  • Disruptive innovation (the collaborative and relentless pursuit of effective creation)
  • Authenticity (we mean what we say, we act with integrity, we care about our company and each other)

Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications

  • You have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience
  • Testing or development experience working in an agile continuous delivery environment
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language (e.g. Ruby, JavaScript)
  • Good understanding of how web applications work (e.g. you know what XHR, DOM, and REST are)
  • Know what causes common web security vulnerabilities
  • Understand what a test pyramid is (e.g. what is an integration test?)
  • Experience with development and browser automation and performance tools (e.g. git, webdriver, jmeter, gatling, rspec)

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