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The ACL Impact

We get to make cool software, work with the best people, tackle strategic business challenges, build awesome careers and most importantly, we get to see our work strengthen organizations to do heroic work and change the world for the better - all while having a lot of fun in the process.

ACL was founded in 1987 in Vancouver, Canada, and has since grown to include seven global offices. We build award-winning, cloud-based security, risk management, compliance, and audit software used by some of the world’s largest organizations. But we don’t just make software. We get to spend our days working with the best customers and coworkers, tackling strategic business challenges and building awesome careers. We help our customers change the world for the better, an idea that drives our company culture. And that means helping to create value and impact for more than 7,000 active customer organizations in 140 countries—so they too can create the future they want to see.


The Challenge Ahead

As an Instructional Designer, you pick up and learn new tools and software quickly. You apply your new found knowledge to case examples to showcase how clients can use the software, highlighting special features and creating material to showcase all it can offer.

You look at complicated workflows and can break them down into both high-level key concepts and low level instructions that make long-winded processes memorable and easy! You have the skills to graphically showcase relationships between critical elements in workflows, as well as explain in detail how everything fits together.

You know how to create engaging learning activities and compelling course content that enhances retention and transfer, and you love doing it. Your creative mind can visualize instructional graphics and the finished product of your course designs so that you know exact how it will look to engage your learners before you begin. You know how to develop exercises and activities that enhance the learning process and keep participants wanting more. You use experiment to build upon proven methods to create unique content perfect for your environment. Plus, you have a flare for creating supporting materials like audio, video, games, role-plays, and simulations.

As a starring role within ACL’s Enablement team (which forms part of ACL’s learning organization) you will:

Designing learning content

  • Research, design, and produces e-Learning material for a variety of audiences.
  • Works with Subject Matter Experts to produce learning content for a variety of audiences (ex. conference sessions, webinars, client meet-up groups, workshops, training blogs).
  • Create micro-learning content from existing full-length courses.
  • Design and produce industry-leading certification programs.
  • Participate in the Agile software development process.
  • Analyzes various sources (customer feedback, usability test results, and so on) for guidance on ways to improve the instructional products.

 LMS Administration

  • Acts as liaison with customers, partners, and trainers.
  • Manages LMS operations (gamification, customer access, marking exams, notifying customers of results etc).
  • Responds to customer feedback.
  • Manages LMS-related initiatives from inception to production.

Video production

  • Write, record, and edit instructional videos.
  • Manage video production and post-production.

Qualifications, Experience, and Abilities;

  • Undergraduate Degree, preferably in Education, Instructional Designer, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Experience or education in any of the following fields:
    • Education
    • Instructional design
    • Topic-based authoring
  • Graphic design skills (Adobe Creative Cloud suite: Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator).
  • Video production and post-production skills
  • Fluency in HTML and CSS
  • Experience with single-source authoring for web and print content

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