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An initiative that started in 2014 with just a few restaurants on board limited to Koramangala in Bangalore, Swiggy is now India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform. We recently received our series H round of funding and were able to raise an astounding $1 Billion. We have grown beyond our wildest imaginations. Starting off with just 2 neighbourhoods in Bangalore, we are now present in over 70 locations PAN India and are only looking to grow further. More than 50,000 restaurant partners leverage Swiggy to reach new customers and increase their sales. All of this has been made possible only because of our motivated work force nearing 5000+ employees that run the show from start to finish. Every order delivered by Swiggy’s fleet of over 1,20,000 Delivery Executives, the largest in India, ensures a host of customer-centric features, while ensuring we provide unparalleled convenience for our customers. 







Job Description:     

In this role, you are responsible for managing the operational efficiency of a fleet of delivery executives in your assigned hub. To be successful in this role, you must be able to ensure order fulfilment, logistics as well as provide an enhanced customer experience.

  1. You are primarily responsible for managing the delivery executive fleet in the assigned hub. You must ensure, on a daily basis that the delivery executive logins meet the demand against the projections for the hub.
  2. Ensure that no order losses happen at the assigned hub due to operational issues. Be it a rainy day or a match day, you have to ensure smooth flow of operations so that none of our customers goes hungry!
  3. Ensure the fleet of delivery executives are disciplined and resolve disputes, strikes or complaints that may arise at the hub, warranting an efficient and healthy work environment.
  4. Provide your newly joined delivery executives with on the job training to familiarize them with all the major restaurants and customer locations, as well as usage of Swiggy app. Equip the delivery executives with intelligence on customer trends, that will help them make better real-time decisions while on delivery.
  5. Ensure a flawless delivery service for our customers with a special focus on real-time service levels and schedule adherence
  6. Ensure that the delivery executives communicate courteously with the customer by telephone as well as in person. Investigate and solve any issue that arises between the customer and the delivery executive, on the same day!
  7. Meet or exceed the target for customer satisfaction rating of the delivery fleet
  8. Increase operational efficiency by proper planning, monitoring, resolving issues, ensuring there are fewer delivery executive driven cancellations, identifying customer trends and implementing changes, as necessary,
  9. Ensure 100% compliance among delivery executives on matters like wearing Swiggy T-shirts, bags and Id card while on delivery.
  10. Create good work relationships with the delivery executives, build morale, increase productivity as well as retention.

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