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The Shift In-Charge/Toll Supervisor is responsible for the traffic management, running the toll collection process during an allocated shift. All decisions that the supervisor has been authorized to make are included in these procedures. Anything that is not covered in these procedures must be authorized by the Operations/Plaza Manager or, if unavailable, a more senior manager.

The Shift Supervisor has no authority to incur expenditure on behalf of the company, nor has authority to make statements to the press and has no authority to release confidential statistics such as traffic, income and revenue.



  • To be completely familiar with all contractual requirements regarding the operational aspects of the toll plaza as incorporated in O&M manual or referred to in this manual.
  • To be completely familiar with the handling of the computer system and the toll collection equipment in accordance with the manuals and revisions issued.
  • To be completely familiar with all aspects of toll collection in accordance with the toll collectors manual of procedures and work instructions.
  • To be completely familiar with all duties of the lane assistant/lane supervisor.
  • To supervise the toll collection function, organize and control the duties of the toll collectors and lane assistants/lane supervisor. 
  • To ensure all reportable incidents are recorded and responded to as required.
  • To manage any abnormal incidents to the best of their abilities and sound judgment.
  • To complete the prescribed forms accurately and correctly during the shift and ensure that all the forms are filed for the administrative staff and in the correct order for further processing.
  • To assign responsibility for the completed shift and communicate information that requires further attention.
  • To perform regular checks on all equipment including office equipment to ensure functionality. Ensure that all problems with equipment are timely reported and that all the required people and/or companies are advised as required.
  • To ensure that security is maintained and that the security subcontract staff operates as required.
  • To be accountable for all company assets at the plaza whilst on duty.
  • To provide leadership and management to the toll collectors and lane assistants under their control.
  • To ensure that off duty employees do not loiter in and around the plaza buildings, tollbooths and or lane areas.
  • To ensure that no employee shall use a mobile telephone in the collection booth and or plaza lane areas.
  • To ensure that no employees shall consume any drinks or food whilst on duty at the lanes.
  • To support the toll plaza manager in all aspects of the toll operation.
  • To fulfill any other duties as may be assigned to them by their superiors.
  • To enter the control room at the plaza at least 15 minutes before the start of the toll
  • To come to work well dressed.
  • Check that all equipment in the control room is functioning correctly as prescribed in the supplier's manual and check that all problems have been correctly reported and managed as per procedures and instructions.
  • Take responsibility for outstanding items and incomplete work from the previous shift.
  • To take over control of the operations from the previous shift Supervisor once satisfied that everything is in order.
  • To inspect the staff coming on duty to ensure that they are neat, clean and are dressed in the specified uniform.
  • To inform the staff of any matters that needs to be brought to their attention.
  • To ensure that the staffs receive all items required starting their shifts.
  • To allocate lanes for the toll collectors to work.
  • To install the collectors in the lanes in accordance to the prescribed procedure.
  • To authorize Toll Collector to commence duty at the lane.
  • To note any damage to equipment, structures road furniture or signs in the plaza area.
  • To respond to any defects noted.
  • To control the activities of the toll collectors in the lanes. Including:
    • Incident Management
    • Discrepancy Management
    • Cnvoy Control
    • Exempt Cntrol
    • Vilation Control
  • To provide back up to the toll collector if problems arise with users or where queue lengths exceed prescribed requirements.
  • To deal with any equipment breakdown in accordance with procedures and to ensure that the traffic flow is not unduly interrupted or that the toll collection function is not hampered in any way that causes unnecessary delays to users.
  • To report any equipment breakdown or malfunction to the required maintenance people as required contractually, fill in the necessary maintenance form with adequate detail, and hand the form over to the plaza manager or the next shift supervisor as the occasion requires.
  • To ensure that at all times the plaza operation under their control is run according to the standards set by senior management and in accordance with the contract.
  • Perform measurement of service times and queue lengths, as prescribed, during the shift. Assess subordinates on an ongoing basis and provide toll collectors and lane assistants with the necessary training to correctly perform all functions required of them, as and when necessary or on instructions to do so.
  • To call emergency services as required.

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