Visual Product Designer at Torch Leadership Labs
San Francisco, CA, US
Ensure that the visual experience of our software platform is both delightful and effective. Help us visualize an experience that inspires leaders to enjoy working on behavioral change.


    • Design beautiful and utilitarian visual elements and experiences, based on user needs.
    • Formulate designs based on evidence (research and feedback) that integrates diverse perspectives.
    • Create and support asset libraries that enable consistent, reusable design. Support the development of guidelines and standards that enable quality and consistent end-to-end user journeys.
    • Support all stages of the design process, from early problem definition and design research through to implementation.
    • Collaborate with the rest of product design to develop concepts for testing and design experiences.
    • Integrate seamlessly with product management to develop experiences that meet users needs in a coherent strategy.
    • Work with and be the voice of a variety of diverse stakeholders, including: clients, buyers, engagement leads, coaches, internal admins, and many more. Integrate their perspectives into a shared vision. Develop empathy for all their perspectives.


    • 3+ years in a visual design role.
    • Can share examples of outputs, ideally a portfolio showcasing professional experience. This not only demonstrates competence, but the ability to push boundaries and take risks.
    • A passionate artist who is equally meticulous, analytical and precise.
    • Strong understanding, demonstration and communication of human-centered design principles.The ability to sell ideas to stakeholders. Can deliver what is needed over what is asked for, and produce satisfaction.
    • Agile mindset: Familiar with lean startup methodology; able to apply that knowledge to participate in software development. Knows how the product prioritization process works. Understands the distinction between important and urgent.
    • Ability to balance effectiveness, elegance and originality to produce the optimal solution. Capable of visual design for highly complex applications – can conceptualize complex use cases and formulate clean, effective solutions.
    • Ability to embrace the unknown and inspire new ways of thinking. Responds to obstacles with curiosity.
    • Energized by hands-on work— an ambassador for design thinking, innovation, and human-centered design.
    • A natural collaborator in a cross-functional team that brings together different perspectives. Easy to get along with, and adept at dealing with others of different styles.
    • Enjoys healthy conflict: most happy when all ideas are constructively challenged, and no one feels ownership over them.
    • Balanced performance mindset: Has a strong work ethic and driven to perform at the highest level. Balances physical and mental health in order to perform at such a level and supports healthy performance mindset in others.
    • Strong belief in the Torch mission, and the impact of leadership. Committed to personal growth.
    • Eligible to work in the US permanently without sponsorship. Role is located in San Francisco.
    • Able to exhibit cultural competence in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality and socio-economic backgrounds.
Torch is a leadership development platform that combines the best executive coaches with software to help managers grow into great leaders. Backed by top tier investors, Torch is a fast growing, mission driven startup made up of psychologically oriented people who are passionate about helping leaders achieve their potential. As part of the product team, you will will drive a variety of science and research initiatives geared toward creating the next generation of leadership development tools. Torch's platform provides coaches, their clients, and our corporate customers with actionable insights into client and organizational strengths and challenges, helps coaches and clients set goals and develop action plans for development, and tracks goal progress via feedback from colleagues. 
We believe leadership matters. It’s not a vague, aspirational buzzword, but rather a well-defined set of competencies that has deep impact on the effectiveness and health of organizations. Healthy organizations lead to happy team members. They export their well-being to their stakeholders and to society in general.
We believe that people are the foundation of any product. While that sentiment is common to hear, it’s rare that people receive the resources they deserve.
We’re building our team to move the world (and ourselves) toward greater leadership. If that sounds worthwhile to you, join us.


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