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Data Science & Analytics Lead



Torch Leadership Labs



Buffalo, NY, US


This role works interdepartmentally with engineering, finance, product, business development and customer success team members to frame problems within mathematical and business contexts, to measure and optimize products and business processes, and to lead the development of new production systems and data products to enhance and nurture the leadership development process.


    • Work across departments to contribute to product strategy and lead the adoption of data-driven decision making processes to support operational objectives.
    • Architect and implement scalable data storage and processing systems. This includes both data analysis and analytics pipelines as well as BI tools to enable independent data exploration across the business.
    • Setup best practices and technical governance framework for development and use of analytical tools.
    • Transition from being an individual contributor to developing a team of data engineers and scientists as the organization grows.


    • A degree in the study of Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science.
    • Real world experience in Data Science and Engineering, preferably in a leadership role or startup environment.
    • Data Engineering: Data storage, data validation, and ETL processes including data transformation, cleaning, denormalization, and other preparation tasks.
    • Data Science: Analytical modeling, statistics, and experience creating productionized automation pipelines.
    • An MVP mindset: The ability to iterate development and release of data products and systems quickly.
    • Ability to apply SDLC principles to the practice of data science (version control, agile documentation, automation).
    • Expert knowledge in Python, SQL and common data visualization platforms (such as Tableau, Superset, Looker).
Torch is a leadership development platform that combines the best executive coaches with software to help managers grow into great leaders. Backed by top tier investors, Torch is a fast growing, mission driven startup made up of psychologically oriented people who are passionate about helping leaders achieve their potential. As part of the product team, you will will drive a variety of science and research initiatives geared toward creating the next generation of leadership development tools. Torch's platform provides coaches, their clients, and our corporate customers with actionable insights into client and organizational strengths and challenges, helps coaches and clients set goals and develop action plans for development, and tracks goal progress via feedback from colleagues. 
We believe leadership matters. It’s not a vague, aspirational buzzword, but rather a well-defined set of competencies that has deep impact on the effectiveness and health of organizations. Healthy organizations lead to happy team members. They export their well-being to their stakeholders and to society in general.
We believe that people are the foundation of any product. While that sentiment is common to hear, it’s rare that people receive the resources they deserve.
We’re building our team to move the world (and ourselves) toward greater leadership. If that sounds worthwhile to you, join us.


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