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Torch director of strategic accounts will lead new sales with top accounts across business verticals including tech, finance, consumer packaged goods, DTC etc. They will assist in the overall development of Torch go-to-market strategy and the development of a successful revenue strategy.


    • Grow new sales by increasing MRR to according to company wide targets.
    • Originate deals and close strategic accounts across verticals in tech, CPG, finance etc.
    • Build a series of experiments that measure Torch value in market segments, and help define the “problem” to match the Torch solution.
    • Grow average ACV’s to meet 2019 goals.
    • Define goals and KPI’s.
    • Establish, document and share effective outbound conversion process.
    • Establish, document and share effective inbound conversion process.


    • Previous sales experience in a similar capacity (sold to teams and companies over 1000 employees, closed deals between $50k-$500k, and are comfortable negotiating legal terms and pricing with procurement).
    • A robust network with key decision makers, and senior executives nationally at
    • Fortune 500 brands, and globally with other potential partners and leading enterprises.
    • Can lead on high-level sales pitches to the most senior executives of top-tier brands.
    • Ability to utilize effective sales tracking infrastructure in order to track deals, pipeline and accurate reporting.
    • Conducts post-mortems on experiments and shares results with the team.
    • Coaching experience: Has been a recipient of coaching or currently performing professional services as a coach. If no coaching experience, having received therapy would be a plus.
    • Experience navigating complex, consultative sales engagements.
    • Agile mindset: Familiar with lean startup methodology; able to apply that knowledge to participate in software development and his/her personal leadership development.
    • Healthy performance mindset: Has a strong work ethic and driven to perform at the highest level. Balances physical and mental health in order to perform at such a level and supports healthy performance mindset in others.
    • Scales well: Can help Torch scale from SMB to enterprise and scale one’s self as a leader.
    • Expertise and preparation: If not already a coach, be willing to learn the industry. Coaching is by nature a very personal service. As a result, customers will be skeptical of a sales person who lacks depth of understanding about people, about coaching, and interpersonal dynamics. This is an outward-facing role for Torch, so this person needs to represent the company as a thought leader in the coaching space.
    • Leadership AND management ability: Must be a strong leader AND a strong manager. Great leaders inspire and motivate others. Great managers define objectives, build process/structure and measure performance of their direct reports.
    • Strong belief in the Torch mission: Deeply committed to personal growth, embracing mental health, coaching and mindfulness for the purpose of personal development. Torch is not just a technology company, but aspires to build a better generation of leaders.
Torch is a leadership development platform that combines the best executive coaches with software to help managers grow into great leaders. Backed by top tier investors, Torch is a fast growing, mission driven startup made up of psychologically oriented people who are passionate about helping leaders achieve their potential. As part of the product team, you will will drive a variety of science and research initiatives geared toward creating the next generation of leadership development tools. Torch's platform provides coaches, their clients, and our corporate customers with actionable insights into client and organizational strengths and challenges, helps coaches and clients set goals and develop action plans for development, and tracks goal progress via feedback from colleagues. 
We believe leadership matters. It’s not a vague, aspirational buzzword, but rather a well-defined set of competencies that has deep impact on the effectiveness and health of organizations. Healthy organizations lead to happy team members. They export their well-being to their stakeholders and to society in general.
We believe that people are the foundation of any product. While that sentiment is common to hear, it’s rare that people receive the resources they deserve.
We’re building our team to move the world (and ourselves) toward greater leadership. If that sounds worthwhile to you, join us.

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