Pre-Construction Manager (London) at Knotel
London, GB

The Pre-construction Manager will help drive the build-out process at new Knotel locations. He or she will partner with senior management to design, budget and manage projects from the early real estate stages through to delivery. The Pre-construction Manager will deliver new Knotel sites onto the market in a timely manner ensuring the requisite due diligence is undertaken by relevant specialists. The position is key to ensuring high speed conversion of locations and build customer satisfaction, they will also transform how we execute at a high level as we scale.  Knotel’s team embraces curiosity, integrity, hospitality and tenacious problem-solving, and the Project Manager will contribute to this culture while pushing us to innovate and do our best work.

What You’ll Do

  • Ensure the requisite due diligence is undertaken by relevant surveyors and information passed to the Real Estate team to inform decision making on new locations.
  • Partner with landlords, agents and architects to gather all required documentation to develop construction scopes of work and ensure License to Alter documents are delivered on time and to budget.
  • Create build out estimates, budgets and programs for project completion, and manage those construction projects to ensure that milestones are met on time and under budget along the RIBA stages.
  • Obtain the relevant planning and way leave agreements for their inclusion into the lease.
  • Ensure contractors proactively communicate risks and opportunities regarding constructibility, cost, quality, and schedule concerns to internal Knotel team members.
  • Ensure construction commences in a timely manner after possession and delivered to a high-quality product.
  • Build and maintain relationships with internal team members and external vendors.
  • Provide constructibility feedback during due diligence phase and through life of project to identify potential issues around unique building conditions


Who You Are

You are a keen, eager learner who turns every experience into a growth opportunity. You have experience in the design and construction industry and love everything from budgeting and negotiating. You enjoy spending time in on construction sites and manipulating Excel spreadsheets, and get energy from balancing these activities. You maintain exceptionally high standards for your work and environment, always looking for better ways of doing things. You would never say that something “isn’t your job”, and you know how to balance hustle with poise in the way you conduct yourself. You also have the following:

  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • A fearlessness about getting your hands dirty - literally and figuratively
  • Deep experience in construction and design
  • Experience with bidding tools, construction management software, and managing budgets
  • A record of strong performance in academic and professional settings

About Knotel

Knotel empowers companies to be their most productive by providing tailored, responsive spaces that flex to meet their evolving needs.

Named a Business Insider Top 50 Startup and New York's Hottest New Workspace Model, Knotel has over 100 locations across more than 2 million square feet in New York, San Francisco, London, and Berlin. Founded in 2016, Knotel has raised $160 million in funding. Knotel’s member network includes companies like Starbucks, Cheddar, and King. Visit to learn more.

Our Core Values

Fly your Flag - Don’t check your identity at the door. Bring it inside - we are better for it.

Don’t Look Away- Care for the details no one told you about. Make every space a home and give the gift of belonging.

Outcomes, Not Processes- Time is precious. Save it. Start with the goal and back out the journey

Get Uncomfortable- Innovation starts at the edge of the unknown. Embrace the adventure and sign up for the hairy challenges.

“Where is it Engraved…”- Question orthodoxy.

Share in the Victory Dance- No one summits alone. Leverage the best in others and offer the most in yourself.


Diversity & Inclusion at Knotel

At Knotel, we know that a diverse workforce fosters our individual and collective success. We are committed to building an inclusive, collaborative culture where people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds can do their best work. This is all fueled by our employees, who drive the efforts and initiatives outlined here.

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