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BCP Supervisor (DEORI BCP) (2832)








  • To Supervise the vehicle in the lane concerned
  • Traffic management
  • Coordinate with RTO for lane operation and inform TM for any unserviceable equipment
  • To follow the instruction of Toll Manager & BCP Head
  • To maintain the discipline at work
  • Guiding toll collector in difficulty, if any
  • To ensure that shift wise collection is deposited in accounts department
  • Any other responsibility given by Manager & BCP Head from time to time
  • To ensure that no traffic jam happens at the check post
  • To ensure that TC collects service fee as per the classification of the vehicle
  • To monitor that no pilferage is done in the service fee collection
  • To ensure that board containing TC name / BCP Head / ARTO is displayed in the lanes for the driver to book any complaint of the TC.
  • To ensure that no unauthorized person is present in the booth area during his hour of duty.
  • To maintain log of all vehicle that are being cleared in the category “FF”
  • To report any incident in the lane in the form of incident report.
  • To obtain classification team from TC on the cases where reconciliation of data does not tally as bought out by IT / Audit team and thereafter report to Toll Manager.
  • Ensure loading / unloading of vehicles on the basis of RTO’s instruction and accounting of the same.

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