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Multicast Routing Software Engineer






Bangalore, IN


Fungible is defining data-centric computing, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware (with its DPU). Your role will be to implement the Multicast Routing stack and related infrastructure.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required
  • MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • 4+ years experience with large-scale multicast protocols (PIM, IGMP)
  • Experience in designing and implementing control plane protocols
  • Experience in mapping the protocol requirements to an ASIC data plane
  • Experience in troubleshooting large-scale deployments
  • Ability to write correct C or C++ code quickly
  • Architectural sense
  • Self motivated, independent, and proactive

Additional Success Factors
  • Experience with URIB, MFIB, MRIB
  • Experience with route redistribution and fast convergence in CLOS networks
  • Experience with network virtualization (vSwitch and VxLAN, NVGRE or Geneve encapsulation)

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