Senior Software Engineer at Blue Jeans Network
Bangalore, IN

The ideal candidate will ..

  • Have experience designing and building large scalable web services.
  • Be proficient in Java, Spring.  
  • Have an in-depth understanding of database technologies (SQL and NoSQL) as well as API cache design and cacheing technologies. 
  • Have experience building RESTful APIs and have good knowledge of RESTful design patterns.
  • Be able to communicate and work well within a geographically distributed team


Skills Required .. 

  • 3+ years of coding experience in Java
  • Experience building scalable web services with RESTful APIs
  • BE/B.Tech in Computer Science or related field


You get bonus points for .. 

  • Good Knowledge of AWS services such as EC2, S3, Arora, EKS
  • Experience in realtime communication products
  • Experience in scaling large high transaction volume web services      
  • Contributions to open source projects
  • Knowledge of infrastructure services such as Zookeeper, RabbitMQ and caching products such as Couchbase

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