Product Design Engineer - JUMP Hardware at Uber
San Francisco, CA, US

About the Role

At JUMP, design engineers lead the technical invention of new product concepts, using their engineering skill to create elegant solutions to problems and refine them into highly manufacturable designs. Our scope is wide and exciting - we engineer our own vehicles, drivetrains, batteries, locks, telecommunications equipment, and charging infrastructure. Across all of this scope, JUMP hardware products must be incredibly intuitive to users, durable for our fleet operators, and easy to manufacture at low cost. Achieving this in a product with our level of advanced technology requires mechanical designs that are brilliantly simple in their initial concept and rigorous in their execution. Equally important is that they are conceived in a way that optimizes for development speed - designs that are quick to test, build upon our existing technology foundation, and leverage a deep understanding of the capabilities of our world-class manufacturing partners.

What You'll Do

As a Product Design Engineer, you would be responsible for defining the mechanical architecture of new product concepts and being the primary builder through all phases of hardware development. You will work closely with adjoining teams (ID, electrical, firmware, testing, manufacturing, supply chain) as well as other team members of the Product Design team to concept, design, prototype, test, and ship.

What You'll Need

  • 5+ years in the product design engineering field - strong preference for transportation, bicycle, scooter, consumer electronics, batteries, and similar
  • 5+ years experience in doing design work on mass-production products
  • DFx knowledge in common manufacturing processes
  • Strong working knowledge of common materials
  • Strong process control, CAD, and PDM knowledge
  • Bachelor's degree Mechanical Engineering
  • 5 years of experience with consumer electronics or automotive products

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