Robotics Tech Lead Manager, NeMo Robotics at Uber
San Francisco, CA, US

About the Role

Uber's New Mobility team (NeMo) is looking for a TLM to join a new team focused on improving safety, rider experience, and operational efficiencies of our light electric vehicles (scooters, bicycles, and other form factors) through the integration of sensing and robotics technologies into our fleets. This role is an ideal fit for a full stack robotics tech lead who thrives when working on early stage projects where both the technical challenges and potential for impact are significant.

What You'll Do

  • Design, build, and field test novel robotics systems from top to bottom, working across the full stack. You'll be part of a small team that will be tasked with quickly understanding the real world challenges of our light electric vehicle fleets, rapidly prototyping and evaluating sensing and robotics solutions to those challenges, and assisting with the integration of validated solutions into our production vehicles for large scale deployment.
  • Collaborate with counterparts in product management, program management, vehicle design and operations to define, scope and develop sensing and robotics solutions for the large, meaningful problems facing our light electric vehicle fleets.
  • Collaborate with the group's general manager to craft a rational monthly/quarterly plan for engineering work that helps guide day-to-day engineering work and and provides a framework for other members of the engineering team to prioritize their work within.
  • Take ownership over the translation of product vision and customer needs into executable technical design, decomposing complex problems and long term goals into actionable, discrete steps along the way.
  • Drive the exploration, prototyping and validation of novel technical solutions that align with the product vision and customer needs, including the evaluation of both internally developed technology and external vendors that may provide products or services that can accelerate our time to market.
  • Assist the team's Director of Engineering in recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and training the first 3-4 engineers that will be needed to establish the core engineering capabilities of this team. As the team grows, this role will have opportunities to take on people management responsibilities.
  • Provide technical guidance, direction and mentorship to less experienced team members and help them level up their skills and learn best practices for robotic systems development.

What You'll Need

  • Full-stack technical depth in robotics / autonomous systems, including prior experience in:
  • Interest and willingness in being a hands on contributor to the design and construction of new robotics systems - you'll build hardware, write code, participate in field trials, and assist with production-scale integration.
  • Willingness and demonstrated ability to take on people management responsibilities for a small group of engineers across disciplines as the team grows over time.
  • A collaborative approach to product development and willingness to seek input from product, policy, legal, and other non-technical colleagues that will inform the requirements and constraints for the real world, large scale operation of the systems you build.
  • Strong vision and strategic thinking, with a practical approach that sees the long term goal and can execute a course to get there with meaningful deliverables and milestones along the way.

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