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Self Driving Vehicle Security Engineer






San Francisco, CA, US


About the Role

The Vehicle Security Team is looking for candidates who are passionate about building security technology for the future of ground transportation, and to help define secure self-driving vehicle systems. You should be comfortable working within a fluid technology stack and being able to execute at the micro while affecting the macro-level.

We are predominately a software engineering team but we also partner with non-engineering teams to shape the security position and policies of ATG, resolutions or proposals to regulatory conflicts and using cybersecurity to assert safety controls.

What You'll Do

As a member of the Vehicle Security team you'll get to experience and work in all the domains we cover but we like to let people find their feet working in their area of expertise first. We have some team members who focus on the security of the data center services, and others who focus on the security within the vehicle - both software and hardware - but they work together on the designs, code and ownership. We do this to allow everyone to be able to engage in conversation and review of all the systems we interact with or work to secure - even if they aren't developing on them yet.

Team members act as security consultants and developers while also performing security assessments, and reviewing and contributing to new vehicle hardware and software components.

What You'll Need

  • Experience performing security assessments, familiar with security technologies, low-level vehicle subsystems, or embedded development.

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