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Electrician (Rajura BCP) (3361)








- Ensure availability of power supply through MSEB / DG set without interruption for BCP Operations

-Monitor voltage, Frequency, power factor and all other parameters in the control panel room.

-Monitor earth to neutral voltage and earth resistance on a periodic manner

-Daily report on consumption of diesel for DG set to be given and record of the same be maintained

-All Safety precautions while walking on electrical equipment’s to be followed

-Monitoring of consumption at every energy meter available at the BCP and intimation to BCP Head / Consumer about excess consumption and take steps for minimizing the consumption

-Timely switching off of high mask lights in the morning when day light is available. To inform end users to switch off unwanted devices when not required and save energy consumption.

-Ensure periodic preventive maintenance is carried out in time along with O&M representative and corrective maintenance done to rectify the fault

-Maintain the tool kit given to the electrician at the BCP for performing his duty.

-Extend all help to BCP Head for providing electrical connection for any operational requirement

-Monitor the uses of all the BCP to check for any pilferage of power.

-To install cables, wires, meters & other such accessories and keep the sufficient stock.

-Keep timely compliance

-Timely maintenance, checking of lines, wires, meters etc and maintenance record of the same

-Maintain the proper conjunction of material & stock

-To coordinate with BCP Head / Toll Manager for any support to redress the issue

-To check the actual consumption of electricity, to recommend the bill for further process.

-To maintain detailed consumption for each electrical item Eg- Bulb , tube , Light @ BCP

-Capable of handling electrical measuring Instrument

-Capable of handling HT line + LT line

-Maintenance knowledge for transformer / Breaker / Panels / D.G. Set / Capacitor Panel / Contactor

-Knowledge of basic electrical parameters

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