Dental Assistant at Blue Cloud
Orlando, FL, US

Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers, LLC is very excited about our new center located in Orlando, Florida, set to open December 2018! We are seeking a part time Dental Assistant (EFDA) with a passion for serving pediatric patients as well as special needs patients (both children and adults). This part time position will start out working 3 days a week, with the goal of full time as the center grows.

The successful candidate will have an exceptional work ethic, positive attitude and strong commitment to providing excellent health care to our patients.

The dental assistant assists in nursing care and preparation of surgical patients by performance of routine and delegated duties per standards and policies. The dental assistant scrubs for surgical procedures; cleans instruments and rooms; monitors inventory and stocks OR rooms. Works closely with the dentists in the provision of excellent patient care.

Essential Functions

  • Assist and anticipate needs of the dentist and anesthesia provider as it relates to instruments, sutures, sponges and supplies per technique, procedure and special requirements.
  • Prepare for dental surgical cases by:
    • Picking supplies and equipment for the procedure;
    • Ensuring that all necessary supplies and equipment are available;
    • Maintaining inventory and stock room.
  • Familiar with procedures performed.
  • Know and understand dentist preferences.
  • Provide care based on the age-related needs of the pediatric and adolescent patient, with consideration of their developmental/psychosocial needs, environmental safety, educational needs, communication style, and level of understanding.
  • Assist with patient transfer from bed to gurney.
  • Decontaminates and maintains all equipment, instruments, supplies and cleans surgical rooms between cases and at the end of the schedule as directed by procedure and the RN assigned to the room.
  • Follows the surgery center’s manufacturer's, and CDC guidelines for decontamination and sterilization.
  • Takes x-rays.
  • Clean and check x-ray equipment.
  • Mixes cement and other materials as required.
  • Handles suction hand-pieces and air/water syringes.
  • Assures delivery of all specimens to the RN Circulator in the room.
  • Stocks and cleans rooms between cases and at the end of schedule.
  • Assists with turnover of the OR.
  • Assists as directed in the delivery of emergency care.

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