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Senior PHY Algorithm Engineer (Shanghai/Suzhou)



Brite Semiconductors



Shanghai, CN / Suzhou, CN


1. Perform physical layer modem algorithm development of BLE, NBIOT or similar wireless standards.
2. Simulate the key modem algorithm of wireless communication with MATLAB.
3. Design the communication protocol of BLE, NBIOT or similar wireless standards.
4. Familiar with DSP or FPGA development tool and technical support to it.
5. Participate the project validation.
Job requirements
1. Master degree or above, two or more year of direct experience.
2. Prefer having experience in modem development of BLE or NBIOT.
3. Master one or two skills of the followings: signal synchronization, detection, estimation, coding/decoding, scrambler/descrambler.
4. Very familiar with MATLAB or C/C++.
5. Can independently perform key algorithm development, understand the high level protocol
6. Good English reading skills.
7. Good attitude and responsibility. Good communication skills and team work.

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