Cynet, A unique growing Startup company in the field of Cyber Security, is looking for a Senior software engineer with the knowledge and drive to develop our industry-leading product.

  • Designing complex components and classes
  • Coding in c++ (user mode, kernel mode, Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Including Unit-Tests
  • Leading and owning feature development from design, to delivery
  • Ongoing refactor, redesign and improve existing code sections
  • Work closely with Automation Engineers to ensure feature quality
  • Work with Security Research team, to apply new mechanisms into the product
  • Moving from one area to another area



  • 5 years experience with C++( 11)
  • Experience with developing Multi-Threaded Application
  • Highly independent
  • Fast understanding of new materials, and self learner

Nice to have-

  •  Deep understanding of Windows internals
  •  Experience with developing over win32 APIs

Who we are

Cynet was founded by an elite group of seasoned security entrepreneurs, researchers and SOC practitioners to build a single, autonomous platform centralizing all aspects of breach protection. Cynet couples unmatched prevention, detection and response capabilities with extreme ease of operation, providing protection to all their organizations regardless of their security teams size and prior skill. Cynet is the trusted partner of multitude organizations worldwide, Small to large enterprise alike, in their journey towards fully automated threat discovery and mitigation.

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