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Tel Aviv, IL


Weka is a successful Start-up company whose high-performance distributed file system is revolutionizing the storage world and is the world fastest scalable file system today.

One of the biggest factors in our ability to release quality products quickly is our extensive Devops services. Every step in our development and operations cycle is automated and should be designed for flexibility, performance and a good user experience. Our responsibility doesn't end with the usual build-test-deploy cycle - it includes provisioning resources in the cloud and/or on premises, investigation tools, automated failure analysis and much more.


  • Understand our development teams needs and apply UX practices to the Devops tools.
  • Develop new features and fix bugs in a complex, cutting-edge, system that is at the core of our R&D operation..
  • Help transition tools to a microservices architecture with availability and robustness in mind.
  • Integrate third-party applications for powerful ITTT logic across our CI process.
  • Apply Devops practices in the team's projects.
  • Contribute to open source projects from time to time.




  • Excellent programming skills, especially in Python.
  • Proper knowledge of how to develop a new project from the first line to testing until packaging and distributing, all while applying Devops principles.
  • Good knowledge of Linux systems and how to navigate them.
  • Ability to solve complex problems with simple solutions without close supervision.
  • Experience with cloud providers. Virtual machines and physical servers knowledge is an advantage.
  • Mindfulness of user-experience and providing your users (other developers) intuitive tools for accomplishing their tasks joyfully.
  • Contributing to open source projects is a major advantage.

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