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Senior Data Path Developer






Tel Aviv, IL


Weka is a successful Start-up company whose high-performance distributed file system is revolutionizing the storage world and is the world fastest scalable file system today.

As a Data Path Developer at Weka, you will take part in developing of a cutting-edge, high-performance, distributed, scalable storage product - the fastest distributed file system!

Working with our back-end file system team to build together new product features. As a Data Path Developer, you will design, implement, unit test and maintain features to be of production quality performance and stability by writing high quality code, which is distributed, scalable, performant, testable, maintainable.


  • Developing multiple access protocols for various clients of our file system.
  • Write low-level complex performance effective code, implementing various access protocols to our file system.



  • 5+ year experience in C/C++ system level programming
  • Vast experience in writing high performance, testable and maintainable code


  • Familiarity with underlying hardware architecture (CPU cache, multi-threading, hyper-threading, NUMA etc).
  • Experience in contributiing to filesystem/database or similar data storage related projects and working with the open-source community.
  • Experience in storage, databases or other infrastructure technologies.
  • Familiarity with Linux kernel and understanding in performance implications of context switches, threads, memory allocations, pagecache, etc.
  • Experience in implementing a distributed and scalable algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with python or other modern scripting languages.

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