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Sr QA Engineer






Seattle, WA, US


As Algorithmia’s Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting testing infrastructure for our growing product engineering team, empowering them to rapidly identify weak-spots and ship with confidence. You will strive to cultivate a testing-first culture that produces top-quality software for our customers and meets business objectives.

Your responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing testing strategies for our core web application. You understand the value of tools like Mocha, Jest, and Selenium, and will aid our frontend team in utilizing them.
  • Developing and implementing automated testing strategies for our backend platform’s REST API. You will partner directly with our platform engineering team to ensure they are able to effectively leverage the infrastructure you’ve created.
  • Developing and implementing automated testing strategies for our client libraries (Java, Scala, Python, R, PHP, Ruby, C#, Command line, Rust, Node.js, Swift, Go)
  • Working directly with product engineering to help inculcate testing best practices and help them leverage the testing infrastructure you’ve designed and implemented.
  • Working directly with our product team to validate all business requirements, identify areas of instability, and develop plans to improve quality in those domains through improved testing.

Specific skills and experience that you possess:

  • Ability to author and understand software in languages such as Scala, JavaScript, Rust, and Python.
  • Fluent with common CI/CD tooling such as Jenkins and CircleCI Pipelines.
  • Experience architecting and implementing testing strategies for a broad set of software domains, from distributed systems to APIs to web applications.
  • Experience in all stages of application testing including UI, integration, functional, regression, and performance.
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks, tools, and services (e.g. Selenium, Cypress, TestCafe, JUnit, Specs2, etc...)



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