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Full Stack Software Engineer



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Durham, NC, US


Want to contribute to a technology team from the beginning? Have a passion to work on fresh development work rather than just adding on to legacy systems?


TARGET PharmaSolutions is seeking a Full-Stack Software Engineer who will play a pivotal role as a foundational technology team member, responsible for creating innovative new solutions to increase productivity across the business. You will play a critical role in the architecture and development of a quickly growing technology team.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys being a jack of all trades and loves to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment where your work makes an immediate impact, then we want to talk to you. 


What we do:

TARGET PharmaSolutions is a real world clinical data company that delivers solutions to improve clinical, medical, and commercial outcomes. The TARGET model organizes a community of stakeholders, including pharmaceutical partners, key opinion leaders, regulatory agencies, and patient advocacy groups, around a specific disease to generate real world clinical data and insights about the natural history of the disease, including treatment outcomes.


We are looking for people who:

  • Have experience with MongoDB, React, Node and Express (MERN).
  • You like programming so much you've learned at least two of Python, Nodejs, Java, Ruby, or Go.
  • Enjoy designing REST APIs, understand HTTP, SQL, and NoSQL databases.
  • Love Docker and love AWS.
  • Understand the concept of microservices, their challenges, and when monoliths are OK.
  • Generally prefer lightweight and purpose-built to all-in-one batteries-included frameworks.
  • Understand the differences in blocking and non-blocking web servers.
  • Understand async communications, promises, and websockets.
  • Are familiar with object storage, union file systems, and block storage.
  • Feel strongly about high-availability, code formatting, consistency, and adherence to standards.
  • Write documentation to help the next person that touches your code.
  • Like unit testing because it helps you sleep better at night.
  • Understand communication security and JWT.
  • Probably prefer Linux as a desktop platform and insist on Linux as a server platform.
  • Have a passion for writing great code with the desire to achieve and exceed goals.
  • Are personally accountable for your work and love creating value for your users.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field
  • Have 5 years of experience under your belt


What you would do:

  • Document and/or confirm understanding of business requirements for new automated solutions or changes to existing systems. 
  • Analyze impact of requirements on affected systems. 
  • Conceive of potential approaches to provide automated solutions that meet the business requirements and confirm with users and/or business analysts. 
  • Design solution that promotes ease of maintenance, reliability of application function and business data, and good performance. 
  • Implement solution by creating or changing automated components to accurately meet the business requirements in accordance with design and development standards. 
  • Test solution to confirm it meets the business requirements, performing reliably and efficiently. 
  • Support testing performed by others including explaining the solution and investigating and resolving problems.
  • Brief Operations on system changes going into production and document new or changed task required for Operations to support. 
  • Provide production support by investigating and correcting issues assigned and informs others of recovery and/or correction actions that they can perform. 
  • Invest in profession by improving use of available tools and approaches, exploring new tools and approaches, sharing knowledge with other team members, and developing a deeper understanding of supported business processes. 

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