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San Jose, CA, US


We are passionate about drawing on diverse experiences, creative thought, and unintuitive approaches to create value for our customers and blaze a new path in our industry. Our “no bullshit” motto speaks to our directness and honesty, and our work to building trusted relationships with people and between applications.

About the Role

Aporeto is looking for a Software Engineer who is passionate about Kubernetes and the whole CNCF cloud native software ecosystem in general. In your role you will be writing Kubernetes controllers / operators to enhance the integration of Aporeto into Kubernetes. You will develop and test your code on various different types of Kubernetes clusters: from GKE over OpenShift in AWS to kubeadm created clusters using CRI-O, containerd, rkt, etc.pp. You will develop integration components for Isto/Envoy and other L7 protocols such as gRPC. You will also work closely with the QA team to facilitate end to end testing.


  • Develop and own the integration of Aporeto into Kubernetes together in a team
  • Develop and own the integration of Aporeto into Istio and Envoy together in a team
  • Help extend and develop our L7 protection efforts
  • Support field engineering with technical insights into the Kubernetes/L7 integration components
  • Help to represent Aporeto in the Kubernetes community, and advance our Open Source efforts
  • Help to represent Aporeto at meetups and conferences like KubeCon if interested

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of development experience - preferably in Golang, C or Python
  • Professional experience with Kubernetes a must ideally in a development capacity
  • Understanding CNI, CRI and Kubernetes controllers/operators
  • Experience with cloud providers such as AWS, Azure or GCP
  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related technical discipline, or equivalent industry software engineering experience

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