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The Sales Development Representative will reach out to key contacts from prospective clients generating awareness and interest in our software solutions. In addition, you may reach out to the suppliers in the Avetta network, who may also be a potential fit as an Avetta client.



  • Produce sales-ready leads and appointments for the Field Sales team.
  • Assist sales (FSM’s) counterparts in increasing their pipeline (meeting the definedquota) with new business opportunities.
  • Team with FSM counterparts to develop prospecting and lead nurturing strategy.
  • Ensure timely follow up of all leads by adopting systems and processes which facilitate lead management.
  • Through the adoption of, capture and maintain accurate and up to date information related to campaigns, leads, contacts, activities, and status dispositions.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide the highest level of professionalism and prospect satisfaction.
  • Attend trade shows and marketing events as assigned.

The Sales Development team’s efforts will result in sales-ready leads which will be directly attributable to total revenue generation.  The goals and objectives of this team will be to:


  1. Conduct first-line response to inbound phone, email, web and marketing inquiries; perform initial call to qualify the lead and determine if the account is a good fit for the Avetta solution
  2. Prepare “value-added” research to round out individual prospect organization profiles
  3. Complete pre and post-marketing-event follow-up as required
  4. Utilize a documented strategy to contact, engage, qualify and develop prospects
  5. Accurately input relevant data and allactivities into
  6. Nurture prospects based on Lead Scoring who are not sales ready opportunities
  7. Re-engage “stalled” opportunities that have been passed back by the Field Sales team
  8. Achieve daily call activity volume per SDR (fully ramped)
  9. Achieve avg. monthly Sales Qualified Lead / Booked Appointment volume per SDR (fully ramped)


The ideal SDR candidate will have 1-2 years of sales experience, preferably in a business development or self-sourced outside sales consultant role.  They will ideally have a college degree in marketing, communications or some other related discipline, or commensurate experience. Familiarity with or other CRM applications is also preferred.


Within the defined territory assignment, SDRs are responsible for follow up on inbound calls and emails, follow up on warm marketing generated inquiries (tradeshows/webinars, web leads, etc.), outbound prospecting into targeted accounts, and any literature fulfillment needed.  These functions will be conducted in order to complete the initial prospect engagement, present a high-level overview of the Avetta solution, qualify the lead, and present the clearly defined sales process for companies interested in partnering with Avetta.

Prospect prioritization and follow up for the Sales Development team will be as follows:

  1. Responding to Inbound calls and emails
  2. Marketing campaign execution (phone, email and any other means laid out by marketing)
  3. Outbound follow-up on web-generated and warm Marketing leads
  4. Prospecting and account mapping in targeted accounts as prioritized with FSMs
  5. Trade show lead follow up
  6. Long-term lead nurturing and following up with “stalled” opportunities
  7. Clear and consistent, daily documentation of all work and lead activity in


Trade Show Attendance

A key component of the Avetta demand generation engine is target industry trade shows and proprietary Avetta events.  Part of the responsibilities of the SDR team is participation in these events.  The demand generation and marketing team will make a decision each year as to which trade shows and events will be attended and hosted, based on the prospective number of leads and subsequent opportunities that can be generated from each event.  SDR attendance at these shows will be at the sole discretion of SDR management and will only be assigned to those who are performing at an acceptable level.

Under most circumstances it is expected that employees will be in the office working the day prior to and following tradeshow attendance. Management may make exceptions but is not obligated to, when tradeshow attendance requires travel over weekends or holidays.

SDR / Field Sales Manager Collaboration

In order for the Avetta Sales Development team to be successful, regular communication between the SDR and their FSM counterpart(s) is required.  Outside of regularly scheduled, joint SDR/FSM sales meetings, it is the responsibility of the SDR to establish a weekly cadence of communication and collaboration with their assigned Field Sales Manager.  The SDR should conduct a minimum of one, previously scheduled, 30-minute collaboration meeting with their FSM counterparts per week.  The agenda should include, but not be limited to the following topics:

  1. Opportunity Pipeline and Status updates
  2. Targeted Prospecting and Account Mapping
  3. Tradeshow and Seminar planning
  4. Goals and Expectations
  5. Best practices, Industry news and trends

Personal Development

Continued development and training is vital to success in the role of the SDR.  Regular participation in team meetings and training sessions will drive much of this development, however continued self-development will also be expected.  Following thought leaders in the various industries that we serve, as well as using tools such as LinkedIn and Google News can help to keep an SDR up to date with industry trends.  It is also expected that an SDR will attend (telephonically) and kick off the initial sales presentations, for prospects they have booked with a Field Sales Manager.


Territory and Time Management

Each SDR could be responsible for supporting multiple territories and supporting multiple FSMs.  Sales Development reps must do their best to work the hours that mirror that of their assigned territories and prospects working hours.  The following chart outlines the recommended work hours for each time zone and the corresponding lunch hours.  When a territory spans more than one time zone, the SDR will need to adjust their daily hours accordingly to support them.

The SDR position is designated as an “In-office” position; arrangements to be at the office each work day are expected. 

Although administrative work is required after qualifying a new prospect, the bulk of research and administration work should be done either before or after a territory closes, leaving prime-time calling hours open for proactive out-bound calling in order to achieve daily dialing and monthly sales qualified lead goals.

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