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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer



Health Catalyst



United States of America


Our mission is to be the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement through:

  • Data: integrate data in a flexible, open & scalable platform to power healthcare’s digital transformation​

  • Analytics: deliver analytic applications & services that generate insight on how to measurably improve​

  • Expertise: provide clinical, financial & operational experts who enable & accelerate improvement​

  • Engagement: attract, develop and retain world-class team members by being a best place to work​



Job Summary

Infrastructure Engineers need to be system thinkers who can provide reliable, secure, and performant infrastructure services to our developers and customers.  You will manage terabyte scale environments for our customers running hundreds of thousands of analytic database queries each day.  These client environments enable our customers to improve outcomes in healthcare in meaningful ways. 


What Motivates You

  • Continuous learning, excellence and innovation
  • The craft of self-service automation and the banishment of toil
  • Releasing small high-quality and incremental changes into production environments
  • Seeing your creations all-the-way through the lifecycle including proper testing and monitoring
  • Highly collaborative as a team member.  You enjoy being a multiplier
  • Leveling up the skills and capabilities of your teammates and collaborators
  • A strategic mission to help improve health outcomes
  • Great customer experiences


What You Will Be Responsible For

  • Implementing and consistently improving the performance, availability, reliability, maintainability, security, and scalability of our hosted environments
  • Turning routine manual interactions into automated self-service actions for developers, clients, and professional services
  • Troubleshooting and resolving infrastructure incidents
  • Implementing strategic security and compliance requirements (HITRUST, SOC, ISO, etc.)
  • Taking accountability for individual results and enjoy pushing the limits of your comfort zone, while working in a team environment
  • Continually evaluating industry technologies and assess relevance and value to our hosted environments.


Specific Skills You Will Need

  • A successful candidate will have experience in infrastructure as code and configuration as code (Puppet, Ansible)
  • A solid understanding of the CI/CD workflow using Git
  • Azure ARM / Azure CLI / Azure PowerShell
  • Windows Server 2016+ administration
  • An actionable understanding of SRE/DevOps methodologies
  • Ability to provision and monitor IaaS and PaaS storage in a variety of scenarios and environments
  • Detailed oriented with excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Dexterity to work with little supervision in a growing, fasted-paced environment


Additional Skills Desired (T-Shaped engineer)

  • Network engineering (WAF/VPN/etc.)
  • Virtual Private Network implementation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Azure DevOps
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Kubernetes (AKS) or other container orchestration operation and design
  • Database administration skills (SQL Server, Azure SQL Datawarehouse, Elasticsearch, etc.)
  • Kanban software development
  • Security software (endpoint, network threat scanning, application threat scanning, etc.)
  • Linux administration (Red Hat, CentOS)
  • Disaster recovery / backup operational experience
  • Experimental development through rings of deployment
  • Project management / backlog management
  • Creating and maintaining online documentation through markdown


Career Building Opportunities

  • You'll never get bored.  You will have frequent opportunities to interact with many Health Catalyst teams
  • Numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement


About Health Catalyst

  • Health Catalyst puts employee engagement at the center of your day-to-day experience
  • We are committed to the mission to deliver massive outcomes improvements for our customers


Education & Relevant Experience

  • Bachelor of Science degree or similar level of experience
  • 4+ years of progressive experience in development or operations

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