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  • IT systems administrators in association of IT head are responsible for creating budgets and business plans that address the IT related requirement at the Toll Plazas
  • Their goal is to make sure the company’s computer systems and Internet are functioning correctly and meeting the company’s goals in a cost-effective manner.
  • Giving information technology staff members such as computer systems analysts or programmers various projects to work on is another responsibility of IT systems administrators.
  •  These projects might include updating company hardware and software, developing intranet sites and designing programs.
  • To monitor maintenance performance of the service provider, if SLA concluded. If No SLA, he shall ensure timely maintenance of all IT equipment’s.
  • To liaise with service provider for online maintenance activities, if required.
  • Daily inspect the equipment and systems maintenance standards to ensure periodic maintenance.
  • Manage his project’s subcontractors and test the delivered products.
  • He will give daily feedback about following to PM and IT Manager:-
        • AVC Accuracy.
        • Percentage of uptime of equipment’s in last 24 hrs.
        • Problems faced or envisaged in systems.
        • Maintain Minimum Stock Level of critical spares for timely rectification.
        • Take periodical backup of computers and server for safe recovery.



Education: Bachelors / Master’s in Computer Application

Years of Experience: 5 + years of relevant work experience, with a minimum of 3 + years in IT services and support functions

Working Hours: Administrative hours +On Call Duty

Other Skills Required

  • Solid verbal and interpersonal communication skills are critical for IT systems managers, as they regularly work with employees of various company departments who rely on computer systems.
  • Must have good background in computer programming and in a company’s particular software.
  • They should be open to working long hours, which might include nights or weekends, to solve computer system problems.
  •  These professionals additionally must be able to handle high-pressure situations that involve tight deadlines and strict budgets.

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